2018 New Year’s Resolution Generator

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Need a little help coming up with a New Year’s resolution you can stick with this year? We’ve got you covered with our 2018 New Year’s Resolution Generator.

We did all the hard work so you don’t have to. Just click Generate to get your 2018 New Year’s Resolution.

While some may choose to join a gym or swear off complex carbohydrates for a year few weeks, we think it’s more important to set reasonable and attainable goals that you can feel good about achieving and will improve your life for the long run, not just a few fleeting weeks in January. Ready to get yours?


Lifesize Resolutions:

  • Save IT from time-consuming conference call issues
  • Make incredible conference room systems even better
  • Deploy automatic updates without making IT install updates by hand
  • Provide a reporting tool for IT managers to report on service usage
  • Build a resolution generator for our friends in IT
  • Send swag to randomly selected it pros who share their resolutions