2017 New Year’s Resolution Generator

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Need a little help coming up with a New Year’s resolution you can stick with this year? We’ve got you covered with our 2017 New Year’s Resolution Generator.

2017 New Years Resolution

While some may choose to join a gym or swear off complex carbohydrates for a year few weeks, we think it’s more important to set reasonable and attainable goals that you can feel good about achieving and will improve your life for the long run, not just a few fleeting weeks in January. Ready to get yours?  

Now that you can cross “come up with a stellar New Year’s resolution” off of your list, let’s focus on resolving that conferencing chaos you’ve been putting off. With only 35% of IT pros satisfied with their current conferencing/collaboration stack, we teamed up with Spiceworks to put together a new white paper that highlights the key features worth evaluating and the hidden pitfalls to avoid when researching conferencing/collaboration technologies.

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