Satisfying the Craving for Connectedness

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A discussion on why businesses deploy video conferencing and why IT should be involved in the process.

Video conferencing technology is designed to help the people within your organization communicate and collaborate more effectively. And businesses around the globe are deploying smart conference room video systems and enabling individuals on their personal computers with cloud-based collaboration apps to satisfy the craving for connectedness. 

In our recent webinar, we shared best practices for making the most out of your collaboration solution through open communication and technology consolidation and focused on the importance of having IT involved in every step of the process. As the trusted technology implementation advisors, IT is able to not only minimize the overlap of department-specific solutions, they’re also adept at identifying the services that align with your company’s security and network reliability requirements.

Video conferencing doesn’t just enhance meetings with the face-to-face communication necessary for productive and authentic collaboration; when properly deployed, it facilitates growth and has a meaningful impact on the culture at your company.

No time for an on-demand webinar? We’ve created a downloadable guide to the Five Reasons Businesses Crave Video Conferencing (and Why It Belongs in Your Tech Stack) detailing how companies that prioritize video conferencing are seeing major improvements in the quality of their meetings and making more efficient use of their time.