Taking small teams and small meeting and huddle rooms to the big time

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Why are there so many huddle rooms in small and big businesses? Because small teams tend to be more agile, efficient and effective. I doubt many would argue that assertion. What’s remarkable is that often, these small teams are poorly resourced. They aren’t granted the requisite funds for the tasks they are assigned, and they often aren’t provided the productivity tools, such as HD video conferencing capabilities, that large teams receive whether the large teams need them or not.


Exhibit A is their meeting space. Large teams meet in expansive conference rooms, typically adorned with a swanky table, plush chairs, a top-of-the-line video conferencing system, a separate high-end audio phone and maybe even concessions! There are plenty of electrical outlets, and the wireless signal is stout. Heck, the carpeting probably has nice, thick padding and gets vacuumed every night.

Now let’s consider the small meeting room space. What do you find in the room? Cheap chairs crammed around a cheap table with a cheap conference phone, a couple of ill-placed outlets and a weak wireless signal. The carpet is ugly, there’s no padding, and you know it hasn’t been vacuumed in several presidential administrations. The only concessions are those made by the people who use the room. Notice I didn’t even mention video conferencing.

The reason is obvious—since its inception, video conferencing systems were designed primarily for large meetings. Yet, it’s often the small teams that get the work done. And there are far more small teams working than there are big teams meeting.

Fortunately, new systems are rolling out that are designed, sized and priced for the small meeting room space. They deliver the same HD quality video conferencing and share data simply so that teams with remote members and vendors can work in real time.

Lifesize recently launched the Lifesize Icon 400. Sized perfectly for huddle rooms and wherever small teams congregate, the Lifesize Icon 400 delivers an unparalleled, immersive experience that enables meeting participants around the world to focus on sharing knowledge and achieving the objectives of the meeting. Connect the Icon 400 with Lifesize Cloud and you add incredible HD video conferencing functionality, like seamless call escalation, virtual meeting rooms, presence and chat. Add the sleek touchscreen Lifesize Phone, connect it to the IP-PBX, and you have an audio conferencing system that shames those desktop phones.

Well, now, suddenly small teams find themselves on equal footing with their big meeting brethren. Which one do you suppose most impacts the bottom line and earns the most accolades?

It’s an old adage, but it is very apt when applied to small teams, small meeting spaces and Lifesize Icon 400 paired with Lifesize Cloud: big things come in little packages.

Welcome to the big leagues, small teams! Lifesize applauds you.

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