The Future of Video Conferencing Is the Cloud

by in Technology

The cloud is rapidly changing the way people and businesses use computers. It’s allowing for immediate access to any program, document, or piece of data while being anywhere in the world. You’re no longer tied to your desktop to access your most used programs.

Over the last few years, cloud computing has gone from being a piece of industry jargon to being “the next big thing” to approaching near-ubiquity; at this point, the  New York Times’ online computing section even has a special supplement dedicated to covering the rapidly evolving industry. And it’s pretty easy to see why.  In a world in which work has never been more elastic, in which business moves faster than was thought possible even a decade ago, the cloud is a virtual necessity, allowing users to access important apps and data no matter where they might be or what they might be doing.  And a rising tide, as they say, lifts all boats. The rapidly expanding cloud marketplace—Forbes recently estimated that by the end of the year, businesses would be spending a collective $13 billion on the cloud, with end-user spending reaching the $180 billion mark by the end of 2015—has led technology companies to invest more and more heavily in cloud-based software and services, further fueling the cloud’s growth.


At this point, a brief explanation is probably a little overdue.  “The cloud” is simply a fanciful term for millions of networked computers, which collectively bring a staggering amount of processing power to bear on a given task, whether it’s streaming movies on Netflix or scanning ROI data in terabytes of corporate files.  This processing power can be accessed remotely; in fact, you do it every time you use your smartphone.  It’s a way of outsourcing computing bandwidth, and the cloud’s big upside to business is that it allows standard PCs to perform tasks that in the past would have been the sole provenance of huge specialty data centers.  And one of the most interesting applications of cloud technology is in the field of video conferencing.

At Lifesize, we’re harnessing this power to make end-to-end video conferencing easier—and better—than ever.  With Lifesize Cloud, virtually all of the processing and functionality requirements are handled on the supplier side, which means that on your end, crystal-clear HD video conferencing is as simple as downloading an app and clicking a button.   No IT support is necessary since everything’s handled on our end, and because service is easily scalable, you can add users when you need, not when we say you need to.  Perhaps best of all, Lifesize Cloud puts the power of HD video conferencing on your mobile device, allowing you to attend and host meetings from anywhere in the world.

The cloud is fundamentally changing the computing landscape.  With experts estimating that 90% of new Internet spending over the next six years—roughly $5 trillion in global business—will be cloud-related, it’s safe to say that the forecast is looking decidedly “cloudy.” And that’s a good thing, especially with services like Lifesize Cloud providing businesses with powerful new tools to take advantage of this growth industry.

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