The Importance of Choice in a Video Conferencing Solution

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Some people prefer to work within a framework and are completely comfortable with whatever systems and tools are provided to them. Excellent! Uniformity and consistency have many advantages.

Others prefer to have and use their own tools. These people thrive on and take pride in making their own choices.


It’s like the auto mechanic, plumber, electrician or other tradesperson who begins a new job and brings his or her own tools. There is a special feel these individuals have developed with their tools. They are an extension of that person. When a personal tool is in the hand, it gives the owner a higher level of confidence. She or he can almost work with eyes closed. It’s uncanny.

This same kind of “oneness” can develop between people, their computing devices and applications. We’ve all witnessed it—a usually very competent individual is baffled and befuddled when asked to work on a laptop or smartphone that isn’t her own. It is almost unbearable to watch. Ask that same person to perform the same tasks on her own device and you see a wizard, the true professional you’ve grown to respect and admire.

Now I’m sure many of you can relate with the dazed and confused individual when it comes to operating a video conferencing system in a meeting room. Regardless of how simple and intuitive the interface and commands are, the person shrivels and becomes absolutely useless. However, in huddle rooms and meeting spaces lacking in-room systems, he fires up his favorite video collaboration application on his laptop, shares the screen and gives a thoughtful presentation eliciting necessary details to address issues and keep the project moving toward completion.

Lifesize champions the important of choice in a video conferencing solution for small meeting spaces. If your company uses Lync, Hangouts, Jabber, Skype or Lifesize Cloud and your employees prefer to use their own laptops, then Lifesize Icon Flex is your tool. The Lifesize Icon Flex is a business-class video and audio conferencing system that brings the benefits of high quality video conferencing to your collaboration application. If your company prefers to outfit small meeting rooms with a business class video calling system that delivers a simple, intuitive and consistent experience every time, Lifesize Icon 400 is the perfect solution.

Regardless of the preference, we’re certain you’ll be the confident presenter colleagues respect and admire, although we can’t promise that you’ll achieve such a comfort level with our Icon systems that you’ll be able to run them with your eyes closed. That would be beyond uncanny, entering the realm of just plain spooky.

For more information about BYOD and video conferencing, check out our whitepaper, “BYOD is here to stay.”