Lifesize Cloud: Wainhouse Research Tested

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Wainhouse Research, one of the leading industry analyst firms, recently reviewed the Lifesize® Icon™ 400 and Lifesize Cloud. In its evaluation, the research team found that Lifesize Cloud is disrupting cloud-based video conferencing with its ad-hoc and scheduled video calling solutions. They covered several unique features, including multiparty support for up to 50 participants, unlimited virtual meeting rooms, unlimited guest calling, a shared directory with presence status, support for mobile devices and support for Microsoft® Skype for Business users.

Lifesize Cloud Review | Wainhouse

“Lifesize Cloud, however, differs from most of the other cloud video offerings in that the service offers enhanced functionality when used with Lifesize Icon series group video endpoints.”

In the evaluation, Wainhouse Research focused on two special features of Lifesize Cloud, including endpoint activation and our dynamic connections. We often say that setting up Lifesize Cloud and our connected endpoints is so easy that your summer intern could do it. Wainhouse Research reinforced the ease of setup by saying, “At first glance, it may seem like we’re making a big deal about endpoint activation. Some may see this as a relatively trivial workflow function that will probably only happen once. The reality is that the ‘standard’ method of registering (or activating) video endpoints is far more complex and time consuming. Lifesize has taken a challenging task and made it easy enough for the typical user to do himself, without technical support. Viewed another way … if a person can register/activate an Apple TV® or Amazon Fire™ TV device, he can activate a Lifesize Icon endpoint.”

The second highlighted feature was our dynamic connections. As Wainhouse Research puts it, “dynamic connections allow users to connect to each other by calling each other directly (not by dialing into the VMR directly), even if that user is already in a meeting. In a way, this makes a video meeting feel almost viral (you call me, he calls you, she calls him, etc. and we all get into the same meeting). It doesn’t matter who calls who, we all wind up in the same VMR.”

Why is this so important? One of the biggest differentiators of Lifesize Cloud is the directory-based video calling. In fact, we’ve found that 65 percent of all of our video calls are made person to person, not by dialing into a virtual meeting room. Because of the way our technology is built, users can call individuals and add additional participants without having to have everyone call into a specific online meeting.