Why Skype for Business Won't Cut It

by in Technology

The subject of Skype for businesses is nothing new to us. We’ve covered the topic through hosting webinars, writing blogs around Skype fails, as well as social media plays. Like I said, it’s nothing new. But seeing evidence as to why Skype isn’t the right video solution for companies, especially news productions, just validates what we’ve been saying.

Skype is great for talking to your friends but when it comes to business meetings it can be problematic. Frozen faces and broken audio can lead to failed business meetings which result in hilarious videos. While it’s humorous to see such Skype video fails, like the one with Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie, we’d like to provide a few pointers on how to execute a proper video call with the appropriate solutions.


Step 1: Find a video conferencing solution that fits your business needs. If your goals are to video call multiple people on different end-points then you’d be looking for a business class solution. But if you’re just looking to video call your best friend in another state, then Skype may be your best bet.

Step 2: Ensure you have the right equipment. You’ll need to determine if you have a web camera built into your computer, if not, then you’ll need to get a web cam. That’s pretty simple and straightforward. If you’re looking for a high-definition video conferencing experience then we recommend checking out The Lifesize Icon Series. The quality is amazing, the price point is right, and they are easy to set up.

Step 3: Make a call. In order to connect with your colleagues near and far you’ll need to initiate the first call. Fortunately, we offer a cloud solution that takes just one click to join a meeting or make a video call. The days of setting up bridges with long dial in strings are dead, for Lifesize users anyway.

Again, Skype is fine for talking to your friends, but there is no reason for large news organizations like MSNBC to be using low-grade video tools when there are affordable, high-quality video communication solutions available.  We invite you to try Lifesize Cloud free for 14 days to experience reliable, frustration-free HD video conferencing for yourself!