12 Reasons Why We Love our Meetings

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When you think of Valentine’s Day, you may think of chocolates, roses and bacon bouquets. At Lifesize, we think of the many reasons we love our meetings. Here are a few of our favorites:
mlueders_100 "I love my meetings because I have a relationship with the other end. When was the last time you did that with a phone call? Ah … never ;)"

- Megan Lueders

taustin_100 "I love my meetings because I don’t have to remember any long numbers, access codes or 10-step processes to get into them."

- Tricia Austin

drosales_100 "I love my meetings because I get to see my colleagues face to face regardless of whether I’m on my phone, tablet or desktop."

- Diana Rosales

ewagner_100 "I love my Lifesize meetings because my dogs are always invited."

- Erik Wagner

bbeasley_100 "I love my meetings because I can see the engagement of all meeting attendees."

- Brian Beasley

dmora_100 "I love my meetings because I was able to work from home and meet with my team when I needed to catch up on projects during my 9-week recovery from back surgery—a welcomed distraction from bed rest!"

- Daniel Mora

jfields_100 "I love my meetings because if I want to meet with someone right now, I can just click their name in the directory. And if we want to add someone else, or a meeting room full of people, we just add them with another click. Not everything needs to be scheduled."

- Julian Fields

ehd_100 "I love my meetings because I’m able to join them over video from home via my laptop, from the airport via my iPad, and from the train via my iPhone."

- Ellen Hawes Durbin

scapouch_100 "I love my meetings because I’m able to build relationships quickly, collaborate more often and share data in real-time—which means getting work done faster."

- Stephanie Capouch

kmack_100 "I love my meetings because I can quickly show people what I’m working on and update projects in real time with data sharing. I also like making a ridiculous face when I pick up a call—that’s worth a couple of laughs every time."

- Kenny Mack

wtownsend_100 "I love my meetings because I don’t have to get on a plane and fly halfway across the country to have a productive meeting with a partner!"

- Will Townsend

mgroeschel_100 "I love my meetings because I get to see the smile on the face of the person I am speaking with. Nothing beats knowing that the person I am communicating with is just as excited to engage with me as I am with them!"

- Maria Groeschel

Why do you love your meetings? Comment below and let us know!