Working Parents Day - Brought to you by Lifesize Cloud

by in Technology

I just love technology that enriches my total life experience! As a working husband and dad of three little ones – a six-year old and four-year-old twins, nothing comes as close to being there as an immersive video and audio experience, and am I amazed even as I type this to report that Lifesize’s new generation of technology makes this even easier than it was. With Lifesize Cloud – the revolutionary, hosted solution that we now offer, and the remarkable mobile application experience it offers, staying in touch with family and friends has elevated to a whole new level. With the combination of improved ease-of-use, and my now six-year old being a year older – he can actually dial me up on video now.

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Unfortunately, though the video and technology experience are amazing – the reason for the incoming call isn’t always wonderful news. Kids are still kids, and sometimes the call is to report an injury incurred during soccer practice. However, getting to see the cool, new arm cast and that everything is generally OK is great.

And, even for mommy and daddy, we get some amazing “to-do” list items marked off using video. During a recent remodel in our home, we had to indulge in the repeated trips to our neighborhood, hardware superstore. But, thanks to this great technology, I was able to call my wife on the Cloud account on her tablet and give her a virtual video tour of the latest bathroom mirrors and fixtures. We got exactly what worked for both of us, saving us at least one or two subsequent trips back to the store.

High definition video really is the key of this whole experience, as we can discuss very detailed visuals in our respective environments. I can see exactly what is going on at home, whether my twins are using a tablet in the kitchen, or even the backyard (as I often get “taken outside” during calls). On a quick break, I can enjoy those crazy grins and expressions back at home.

I can already tell that these early stages of life go by really fast, and using a technology that allows for immersive interaction with my little guys from anywhere is something I wouldn’t trade for anything – even when it’s a broken arm!

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