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End-to-End Encryption for Lifesize Video Meetings

by Bobby Beckmann in WebRTC, Technology, Industry
Online meetings that are end-to-end encrypted can only be accessed by the active participants, mitigating risk and protecting sensitive information from being publicized. Earlier today, Lifesize announced  the upcoming release of end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for group video conferencing meetings. This will include full, E2EE for all meetings on the Lifesize cloud service, including those where a subset or all participants join using Lifesize’s family of 4K meeting room systems. Once fully implemented, all Lifesize customers – whether on subscription or free…

Artificial Intelligence and Its Role in Collaborating Across Cultures

by Bobby Beckmann in Trends, Technology
Colleagues in a meeting room with presentation sharing from multiple devices At its core, technology is meant to make our lives easier and help connect us. The rise of the smartphone, mobile email, instant messaging, social media and countless other innovations have resulted in more instantaneous, always-on correspondence. That correspondence has, in turn, vaulted the business world into becoming ever more globalized. Whether the distance spans continents, countries or…

Intuitive Tools in The Workplace: Bringing Consistency to The Employee Experience

by Bobby Beckmann in Trends, Technology
Remote worker at desk The tech industry is dominated by buzzwords: actionable, cutting-edge, interoperable and, perhaps most popular of all, intuitive. Since its earliest days as a company, Apple (then Apple Computers) differentiated its products from competitors by focusing on intuitiveness, over time building one of the most influential brands in the world by creating devices that are beloved by technophiles and…

6 Video Conferencing Predictions for 2020

by Bobby Beckmann in Industry, Trends
Four Lifesize video conferencing cameras at the top of screen followed by large text that says 2020 Predictions Last year, AI became a proven technology in the video conferencing industry. Chatbots, dynamic assistants and cybersecurity were all areas where AI improved the meeting experience, helping workers become not only more productive but increasingly more secure and targeted in their output. AI will continue to evolve and improve in this space — AI is a given, not a prediction. January predictions…

The Future of Conferencing and Collaboration

by Bobby Beckmann in Changing the Way the World Communicates, Technology, Lifesize, Industry
We’ve made a few predictions about the types of conferencing and collaboration trends coming in 2018. One of the best things about the Lifesize blend of smart devices with a cloud-based service is being able to make use of emerging trends from both the hardware and software worlds without being tied to a full infrastructure refresh. Spiceworks recently revealed in their  2018 State of IT survey that , due to an increasing mobile workforce and the potential for more collaboration across oceans,…
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