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Interactive Voice Response Systems: How They've Changed the Landscape of Customer Support

by Chris Perez in Contact Center Solutions, Industry, Technology
IVR and AI in the call center graphic Customer support has been evolving lately, especially when it comes to contact centers. We're now seeing innovative developments in Interactive Voice Response (IVR), automation, and even video call integrations . These innovations are mainly a result of businesses realizing that quality customer service plays a major role in acquiring and retaining customers. Fortunately, a majority of custom…

Does Your Business Need an Automated Call Distributor (ACD) System?

by Chris Perez in Contact Center Solutions, Best Practices
A call is distributed to different customer support reps Delivering exceptional customer service requires everything to go right. It’s not about doing one thing well. It requires countless little things working together in unison. Businesses not only need to have a system in place to efficiently address customer questions or concerns, they also need a mechanism to ensure contact center agents have sufficient bandwidth and knowledge to help them as…

How To Re-Invent Your Business In A Post-Lockdown World

by Chris Perez in Trends, Technology
Man reviewing a strategy board Business is changing in the midst of the global pandemic. The spread of COVID-19 has sparked seismic shifts in the status quo, forcing business leaders to face unprecedented challenges. With the uncertainties of the future, the business world must now lay new foundations and ride the storm.  The isolation that we have all experienced has provided moments for self-reflection. And as business…
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