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2020 New Year’s Resolution Generator

by Erinn Wolfe in Miscellaneous, Trends
Graphic with fireworks shooting off that says Get your New Year's Resolution! It’s time to let go of those old resolutions. You know... the ones you've been meaning to get to year after year but never actually do. Start off the new year – and the new decade – with goals that are attainable and will improve your life for the long run, not just a few fleeting weeks in January. If you need a little help coming up with a New Year’s resolution you can stick with this year,…

Video Conferencing Statistics for 2019

by Erinn Wolfe in Industry
Compiled list of relevant published video conferencing stats outlining the impact of video conferencing through survey results and real-world usage. Audio-only conference calls are being replaced en masse by more engaging and true-to-life video conferencing solutions. Numerous published articles equate video communication with increased productivity, better connected distributed teams, reduced travel expenses and a simpler way to meet, and this post brings those data points together for an easier way to see the impact of video conferencing…

The Real Business Impact of Video Conferencing Infographic

by Erinn Wolfe in Trends
Infographic The Real Business Impact of Video Conferencing Featured From artificial intelligence to virtual reality and a host of burgeoning technologies in between, it’s tough to discern which will have a real impact on the future of work, the evolving multi-generational workforce and the modern “workplace” as we know it. The same can be said of video conferencing, which is precisely why Lifesize commissioned SurveyMonkey to poll more than 1,300 business…

The History of Video Conferencing from 1870 to Today

by Erinn Wolfe in Industry, Trends
Let’s go back in time to the very beginning when video conferencing was first introduced as a faster, more efficient way to communicate, and how it has evolved throughout the years to today’s modern meeting experience. The first video conference technology dates back to the audio wires of the 1870s and Bell Lab's video phone in 1927, which has adapted and evolved into the modern video conference of today. From the early Bell Labs patents to the introduction of the word “video” to the English language and all the way up to the first-ever Lifesize 4K video conference call , the history of video conferencing…
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