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Six Common Office Illnesses and Their Contagious Periods

by Jasmine Kim in Flu Season, Healthcare, People, Trends
Check out these stats on the most common office illnesses and their contagious periods and learn how to beat office flu season. Every year around this time, the office starts crawling with employees too proud to stay home and admit they’re sick. Maybe they’re not so sick that they can’t work, maybe they want you to suffer with whatever has them squinting at the bright lights and reaching for the office medicine cabinet, or maybe they just don’t know when they’re contagious and should work from home. Here are six common…

Work-from-home email: How to craft a work-from-home request in three steps

by Jasmine Kim in Flu Season, Healthcare, People, Trends
Here are a few tips and sample letters to get you started on your work-from-home request. Increase business continuity with Lifesize video conferencing. Many organizations are flexible when it comes to working from home when you’re feeling sick. In fact, many companies encourage you to take a sick day or a remote work day when you’re feeling under the weather. Three steps to creating a work-from-home email request The last thing the company wants is an outbreak of influenza taking out the entire sales staff. So, when you feel that tickle in…

The Great Open Office Debate Doesn’t Matter. But Having Great Conference Rooms Does.

by Jasmine Kim in Meeting Room, Best Practices, Trends
Whether you’re for or against open offices, there’s one thing you need to get right: conference rooms. The open office concept has been a hot topic of discussion for work culture over the past decade. By the mid 2010s, more than 70% of all offices had opened up their floor plans with the intent to open up business conversations and increase collaboration between coworkers. The results are still mixed, but whether you’re for or against open offices, there’s one thing you need to get right:…

What is Interoperability? (And why it matters for video conferencing)

by Jasmine Kim in Cloud, Features, Industry, Lifesize, Mobility, Partners, People, Products, Technology, Trends, Unified Communications
Imagine if your iPhone® could communicate only with other iPhones and all of your friends, family members and colleagues with Android™ phones were totally unreachable unless you purchased an additional (expensive) product to talk to them. That type of scenario is unimaginable for mobile calling but all too common in the video conferencing industry. Your teams need to be equipped with data…

Team Collaboration: How to Maximize Productivity (& the Tools to Help)

by Jasmine Kim in Mobility, Best Practices
Team collaborating with remote coworkers on a project Team collaboration has evolved to a state where teams who never meet face to face are able to work in sync more collaboratively and more efficiently than ever before. Entire companies have fully remote teams, and even online schools have remote educators that connect with students virtually. When it comes down to it, the presence of reliable video conferencing technology has truly enabled this…

10 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills in 2019

by Jasmine Kim in Best Practices
Presentation skills and tips on giving great presntations You’re about to give an important presentation to a new client. You’ve put together a professional slide show to walk them through your proposal before you seal the deal. But after you fire up your laptop, you realize that there’s an issue. You fumble about trying to find the right cable for the right port. You have no idea how to hook up your laptop to the projector. HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort,…

Boardroom Video Conferencing Systems for Effective Meetings and Enhanced Presentations

by Jasmine Kim in Meeting Room, Products
home office video conference room camera system Not all meeting rooms are the same — that's why we make technology for rooms of all shapes and sizes and provide our customers with the tools and features they need to make their meetings great. In this blog, we’re going to focus on the large conference room and boardroom solution.   Five Features to look for in a boardroom video conferencing solution The components you're looking for to equip…

6 Most Common Types of Business Meetings

by Jasmine Kim in Meeting Room, Streaming and Recording
Learn how to differentiate the different types of business meetings and how to make your meetings more productive. As companies become more focused on efficiency, productivity and profitability, it has become essential that businesses look at their numbers to ensure that their time, money, and manpower are being put to good use — one of the biggest opportunities lies in assessing how business meetings are run. We’ve all been in meetings that were run poorly, included the wrong people and didn’t lead to…

7 Rules for Creating Effective Stand-Up Meetings

by Jasmine Kim in Meeting Room, Mobility
Learn about the advantages of stand-ups, what you’ll need to get started, and how to organize your meeting. Not every meeting requires the full conference table sit-down. When you need to quickly get everyone updated and on the same page, the daily stand-up meeting is the way to go. Stand-ups are designed for maximum productivity — they’re quick, focused, and collaborative. But in order to remain productive, some rules must be followed. This article is a blueprint for setting up successful stand-up…

Help Lifesize Celebrate Earth Day

by Jasmine Kim in Green, Lifesize, Travel, Trends
Collaborate with coworkers and meet with clients without the damaging environmental effects of travel. Learn how you can go green with video conferencing. Happy Earth Day week! We dedicate this time to celebrating global environmental causes and reflecting on the bounty and fragility of our sweet Mama Earth. In school, we learned to reduce, reuse and recycle. Now, we're looking at the impact that travel has on our planet and focusing on some small adjustments we can make in our day-to-day business lives that can make a huge change. Luckily,…
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