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Lifesize Announces Open Beta for the Newly Redesigned App

by Josh Duncan in Lifesize, Products, Features
Lifesize app multiway call on computer In June, we announced our new app and invitational beta for select testers within the Lifesize user community. Today, we’re excited to open the beta   to all customers and partners, even those new to Lifesize. The new web and desktop apps have performed incredibly well during our test periods. In fact, we’ve received some great feedback from those who have seen and tested the new apps, includi…

Slack and HipChat Users Now Get HD Quality Video with Lifesize

by Josh Duncan in Features, Lifesize, Products
Lifesize Chat Integrations Slack and Hipchat So you’re chatting in your team’s HipChat® room or Slack® channel with some colleagues about the designs for your next big project. You’re bouncing around ideas and getting great suggestions — and maybe discussing lunch plans (tacos, anyone?). At some point, the conversation gets more involved, and a face-to-face meeting with the whole team is needed to work through some concepts. Well, not…

IT to the Rescue with Lifesize Icon Health Monitoring

by Josh Duncan in Lifesize, Features, Meeting Room, Products
icon health monitoring Once a video conferencing hardware system  has been deployed within an organization, it doesn’t take long for users to become dependent on it as a key tool for internal and external collaboration. This is when the real work for IT begins. It is expected that IT will be on call 24/7, monitoring all systems and ensuring they are running smoothly and working at maximum capacity. However, with…

Lifesize gains increased speed, resiliency and performance with IBM Cloud

by Josh Duncan in Cloud, Features, Lifesize, Partners, Products
Lifesize was recently awarded the 2016 IBM Beacon Award for outstanding service hosted on IBM® Cloud®, and we wanted to spend a little time talking about what that partnership means for the security, reliability and overall performance of the Lifesize network. When we first started our transition from an on-premise implementation to a cloud-hosted service two years ago, we wanted to find an…
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