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What Your Admin Console Says about You and Your Company

by Matt Cook in Best Practices, Features, Products
Lifesize Admin Console featuring the average call size dashboard. The Lifesize Admin Console  can tell you a lot about your company and how you collaborate in the workplace. Not only does it give you a view into how your organization utilizes the Lifesize video conferencing solution, it also makes it easy to detect successful use cases and simplifies administration and troubleshooting. Here are some tips and tricks to help you read between the lines and…

Connectivity on the Move: Video Conferencing from your Mobile Device

by Matt Cook in Best Practices, Lifesize, Technology, Changing the Way the World Communicates, Mobility
Understanding the role that video conferencing plays in your mobile data consumption. Successful video conferencing from mobile and laptop devices is highly dependent on network connectivity in terms of throughput and reliability. So when trying to put your collaboration technology to good use in the real world, one key element for success is informing end users of the need for good signal strengths and higher data throughputs if they want to host or participate in video…

TCP vs. UDP: What’s the Difference?

by Matt Cook in Best Practices, Changing the Way the World Communicates, Lifesize, Meeting Room, Technology, Tech Notes
A detailed look at how the Lifesize service processes data transfers to make the most of your bandwidth and your meeting experience. In the world of Internet protocol traffic, consumers can choose between a TCP or UDP setup for their business or personal use. When it comes to TCP vs UDP features and functions, each brings its own set of advantages and challenges. With that said, UDP is known for being faster and more up-to-date, yet many systems still rely on TCP to download batches of information. Users will need to take a…

Video Conferencing Bandwidth Requirements: How Much Bandwidth is Enough for HD?

by Matt Cook in Best Practices, Cloud, Lifesize, Tech Notes
Download Lifesize Video Network Best Practices Guide Video conferencing is the premier way to conduct business, but in order for you to have the ultimate video conferencing experience, you’ll need enough bandwidth to support the highest quality image resolution. By reviewing these video conferencing bandwidth requirements, you can feel confident you have the capacity to meet all of your HD video needs for the most advanced conference calls possib…
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