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New Lifesize Real-time Reporting and Live Meeting Statistics: Helping Admins Protect Video Conferencing Investments

by Michael Helmbrecht in Features, Products
Three screens of the Lifesize Admin Console with live meeting stats. At Lifesize, we have long understood that IT administrators are the stewards of not only the ideal meeting experience, but the success or failure of most technologies in the enterprise. They are often our greatest champions and are unceasingly one of our most important customer focal points. Today, we introduced significant enhancements to our Lifesize Admin Console  — mission control for…

Introducing Lifesize Rooms-as-a-Service: Purchasing Flexibility for the Meeting Room

by Michael Helmbrecht in Meeting Room, Products
6 people in a meeting room on a conference call with one person who is sharing a graphic on screen As video has become the expectation for business communication rather than the exception, we’ve seen delivery and consumption for all types of technology shift to subscription-based models. With this shift, enterprise buyers are increasingly gravitating away from capital expenditures toward more flexible operating expenses, particularly in times of economic uncertainty. Today, in response to…

Security, Transparency and Open Standards: Our Commitment to Enterprise-Grade Video Conferencing

by Michael Helmbrecht in Industry, WebRTC
Security, Transparency and Open Standards: Our Commitment to Enterprise-Grade Video Conferencing Update: On July 8, a security researcher disclosed a serious security vulnerability impacting Zoom’s service putting an estimated 4+ million Zoom users at risk. At the time of publishing, the vulnerability has not yet been addressed. Due to Zoom’s proprietary code base and default settings, customers are advised to follow the steps in this post until a patch is available. Video communication…

Combining Web, Video and Audio Conferencing in One with Lifesize Cloud

by Michael Helmbrecht in Cloud, Features, Lifesize, Products
It’s 2015, and business moves faster than ever before. While a fleet of 20,000 jets is constantly crisscrossing the globe, making LA and Tokyo a mere half day away from each other, high-speed Internet means you can communicate instantly with people half a world away.  We’re living, to borrow a line from Shakespeare, in a brave new world—so why is it that so many 21st century companies continue…

New Enhancements to Lifesize Cloud + 1,000 Subscribed Customers!

by Michael Helmbrecht in Cloud, Features, Lifesize, People, Technology
It seems like only yesterday we were debuting Lifesize Cloud and the Connected Experience of video collaboration for anyone on any device.  We’ve been busy since then, and as of this article, we now have over 1,000 businesses up and running on Lifesize Cloud logging millions of minutes! And we’d like to thank each and every one of you for your partnership! We hope that your experience with us…

Telepresence is Dead

by Michael Helmbrecht in Trends, Technology, Meeting Room
telepresence is dead It lived a good life. It showed people what video technology could unleash by putting training wheels on the video communications experience while adding cost, complexity and inflexibility. It was a solution for the select few. We thank telepresence – the three-screen, mirrored room, luxe video conferencing category – for giving the market a proof of concept. But its 15 minutes have come to a…
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