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How to Be the Most Prepared Person on a Video Conference Call

by Sam Bocetta in Best Practices, Meeting Room
Business man on a conference call using his laptop and writing down notes We all know what being unprepared during a meeting looks like — you know, that guy who doesn’t know how to use the technology in the meeting room to start his presentation or simply doesn’t know what’s happening during the meeting because he didn’t do his homework beforehand. Being well prepared for your video conferencing meetings not only saves you embarrassment during the meeting itself…

Pros and Cons of Build or Buy for Enterprise Environments

by Sam Bocetta in Industry, Trends
Man in front of whiteboard drawing for the pros and cons of build or buy solutions. When it comes to enterprise software, the eternal question for companies is whether to build or buy the platforms they need to use for their daily operations. This is true for businesses of all sizes as they weigh various cost, time and resource factors for new software investments. This decision affects all of the systems that companies rely on for their everyday operations. Whether building…
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