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Now Available: Pop-Out Presentations in the Lifesize App

by Joah Gonzales in Best Practices, Features, Lifesize
With pop-out presentations, Lifesize users have more control over how they view meetings from the Lifesize web app and desktop app. Calling in to a meeting remotely and having to choose between seeing your colleagues’ faces and seeing a shared presentation is a hard choice to make. While we’ve always given meeting attendees a priority slider to switch back and forth between presentations and participants, we’re now giving you the ability to pop out presentations into a secondary window so you can make the most of your…

How Video UX Testing Is Renovating the Two-Way Mirror

by Whitney Doyle in Best Practices, Changing the Way the World Communicates, Lifesize
Learn how the Lifesize product team utilized our own solutions for UX testing for our latest product, Lifesize Dash. In-person user testing is one of the most valuable ways to test a product’s user experience. Observing real-time interactions can help you identify exactly how someone instinctually uses a product. And by A/B testing variations, product developers are able to home in on the most intuitive experience. According to Forrester , a well-designed user interface can yield conversion rates up to…

Why we Use Chromebox for Lifesize Dash

by Greg Crabtree in Best Practices, Lifesize, Meeting Room, Products, Technology, WebRTC
Learn why Lifesize Dash is compatible with Chromebox, and how it can enhance your smallest meeting spaces. With Lifesize Dash™ , we wanted to make a meeting room kit solution that stood out from the rest — it needed to be simple to use and allow for tons of flexibility, but it also needed to be super affordable so that companies could deploy it in all of their mini rooms. Rather than opting for an operating system like Windows or OS X that is bloated and requires more processing power, we built…

Three Ways to Share with Lifesize Share

by Julian Fields in Best Practices, Lifesize, Meeting Room, Technology
Lifesize Share gives you a lot of flexibility for wirelessly presenting in the meeting room. From sharing your laptop screen to playing full-motion videos to driving a presentation right from your mobile phone, Lifesize Share™  gives you a lot of flexibility in how you wirelessly present in the meeting room. Here are a few how-to’s on getting started with your share device in your meeting room. Sharing Your Screen Sharing your screen is a common workflow for someone who just wants to…

Cerfrance Chooses Lifesize for Interoperability and a Leading Global Network

by Jasmine Kim in Best Practices, CustomerCase Study, Changing the Way the World Communicates, Lifesize
Learn how Lifesize became the go-to solution for Cerfrance. The French consulting and accounting associations network,  Cerfrance , was looking for a video conferencing solution that would help all 64 of their departmental agencies communicate with one another. While they all operate independently across France, they aimed to unify their message across all 12,000 employees to deliver a consistent brand for their 320,000 customers.  Lifesize recently…

Staying Productive in the Summer

by Jasmine Kim in Best Practices, Lifesize
Learn how you and your team can maximize productivity and avoid the summer slump. It’s finally starting to feel like summer, and that means temperatures are on the rise, out-of-office messages are popping up more frequently and the unfortunate trend of decreased productivity is about to set in across the Northern Hemisphere (don’t worry Southern Hemisphere’ians — just absorb the tips now and use them in six months). If you’re hoping to prevent the summer slump from hitting…

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Collaboration Organizations

by Jasmine Kim in Best Practices, Changing the Way the World Communicates, Lifesize, Industry
A look at seven highly effective collaboration habits shared by our expert video conferencing partners and customers. With seven out of ten IT professionals rating improving collaboration as a high priority for their organizations this year, we turned to our pool of expert partners and customers to learn more about their collaboration success stories. After carefully analyzing their best practices, we’ve narrowed down the data to our Top Seven Habits of Highly Effective Collaboration Organizations.   …

How a Collaboration Company Collaborates

by Jasmine Kim in Lifesize, Industry, Best Practices, Changing the Way the World Communicates
Join Lifesize Sr. Director of Product as he discusses how a world-class collaboration company effectively collaborates to achieve its business goals. In this episode of Lifesize Live!, Lifesize Sr. Director of Product Josh Duncan reveals his tips for how a world-class collaboration company collaborates. Communication is at the core of what makes a great organization stand out from the rest. Not only is it the engine that gets things done around the office, it’s also what creates and maintains important relationships. The drive and need for…

The Way YouWork at WeWork

by Jasmine Kim in Best Practices, Changing the Way the World Communicates, Trends, People
Join WeWork Director of Community Matt Glazer as he discusses the coworking industry and how WeWork has exploded in size. We’ve trumpeted the benefits of flexible work environments for a long time — whether it be the meeting space, the technology being used to bring people together or anything else that encourages open collaboration — and it’s nice to come across organizations that support the same cause we do. In this episode of Lifesize Live! Matt Glazer, the Director of Community at WeWork, talks about the…

Enhance Company Town Hall Meetings in 7 Steps

by Jasmine Kim in Lifesize, Best Practices, Streaming and Recording
7 ways to enhance your town hall meetings With the average person spending  one out of every three minutes of every workday in a meeting  and the US employee engagement rate soaring at a whopping   33% in 2017 (clearly a huge leap from 32.6% in 2016 and 32% in 2015) , keeping meetings spicy and employees interested is always a top concern. Employees disengage at work when they don't feel needed or connected to their organization, so…
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