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Enough Bad News — 10 Positive Things to Come Out of the Coronavirus Pandemic

by Dustin Smith in Changing the Way the World Communicates, Healthcare, Miscellaneous
Lady on a laptop looking out of the window with a smile on a her face While the world is no stranger to difficult news, the reports relating to COVID-19 can definitely feel overwhelming, especially when the repercussions affect many of us on a personal level. But, with a slight shift in your Google search, you can also find countless results for positive stories taking place during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as examples of people showing up for one…

Work-from-home email: How to craft a work-from-home request in three steps

by Jasmine Kim in Flu Season, Healthcare, People, Trends
Here are a few tips and sample letters to get you started on your work-from-home request. Increase business continuity with Lifesize video conferencing. Many organizations are flexible when it comes to working from home when you’re feeling sick. In fact, many companies encourage you to take a sick day or a remote work day when you’re feeling under the weather.  If your team is already working from home, you can connect with your team virtually by claiming your free account with Lifesize . And if you prefer to work from home due to Coronaviru…

Six Common Office Illnesses and Their Contagious Periods

by Jasmine Kim in Flu Season, Healthcare, People, Trends
Check out these stats on the most common office illnesses and their contagious periods and learn how to beat office flu season. Every year around this time, the office starts crawling with employees too proud to stay home and admit they’re sick. Maybe they’re not so sick that they can’t work, maybe they want you to suffer with whatever has them squinting at the bright lights and reaching for the office medicine cabinet, or maybe they just don’t know when they’re contagious and should work from home. Here are six common…

How to Work from Home with Sick Kids

by Julian Fields in Flu Season, Healthcare, People, Trends
 You shouldn’t have to choose between work and taking care of your family — don’t miss a beat in the office and be there for your children with these tips.   Holiday season tracks perfectly with cold and flu season, and if you’ve got little ones, that may mean an increase in sick days to help care for your family. But let’s face it — between the chicken soup runs and the temperature monitoring, there can be a lot of downtime during naps and movie marathons where a flexible work-from-home day might be a better option.   During flu season, nearly…

The Best HIPAA-Compliant Video Conferencing Tool (And Everything You Need to Know)

by Dustin Smith in Best Practices, Healthcare
Handling sensitive personal data in a way that ensures data privacy isn’t always easy. There are regulations and procedures to follow and specific precautions you need to take. Additionally, for businesses in the health industry, further procedures need to be put in place to ensure protected health information (PHI) privacy and confidentiality.  That’s where HIPAA comes in. The Health Insurance…

Lifesize Telemedicine for Simple Medical Diagnoses at Johanniter-Krankenhaus

by Jasmine Kim in Changing the Way the World Communicates, Healthcare, Lifesize, CustomerCase Study
Lifesize Telemedicine for Simple Medical Diagnoses at Johanniter-Krankenhaus Johanniter-Krankenhaus is a recognized and certified lung cancer center and center of excellence for thoracic surgery in Germany. This specialist pneumology, thoracic surgery and allergology clinic serves the region of South Brandenberg and has been gaining recognition from the Germany Cancer Society and German Society for Thoracic Surgery since 2012. In the medical field, timing is extremely…

Extending the Reach of Healthcare with Lifesize Video Conferencing

by Julian Fields in Cloud, CustomerCase Study, Healthcare, Lifesize
The Texas Back Institute is one of the largest freestanding spine centers in the world with more than 200 employees and over a dozen clinics throughout the greater Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, area. To help extend their care to patients unable to travel, physicians have started offering video consultations. We sat down with Jared Bares, IT System Administrator for the Texas Back Institute, to…

Video conferencing connects patients struggling with mobility

by Julian Fields in Best Practices, Cloud, CustomerCase Study, Healthcare, Lifesize
With the ability to affordably and easily connect patients and providers across thousands of miles, video conferencing is drastically improving the lives of people whose ability to seek care is restricted either by their location or the complexity of their conditions. We recently spoke to Dr. Allen Prettyman, director at the Nurse Managed Health Center (NMHC) at the University of Delaware,…
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