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Unboxing and setup of Lifesize Dash

by Julian Fields in Lifesize, Meeting Room, Products
Setting up your Lifesize Dash solution is easy.  You don’t have to be a technology expert to get your Lifesize Dash ™  solution up and running — all you need is a Chromebox™, a tablet, a USB camera and audio device, a monitor and 10 minutes. Just plug your components into your Chromebox, log in and pair your room controller and you’re ready for your first call!   Lifesize Dash is our software…

Lifesize Share: AirPlay for the Enterprise

by Julian Fields in Features, Lifesize, Meeting Room, Technology
Lifesize Share natively supports Apple AirPlay, providing Mac users additional ways to wirelessly present in the meeting room without restricting connectivity to just Apple devices. AirPlay for the enterprise has finally arrived. If you’ve ever used Apple AirPlay ® to wirelessly connect your Macbook ® , iPhone ® or iPad ® to an AppleTV ® , then you’ll feel right at home using Lifesize Share’s native AirPlay integration — but, unlike an AppleTV, Lifesize Share™  doesn’t restrict connectivity to just Apple devices. There’s always been an unspoken tug-of-war between Mac users and PC users around the office. While…

Why we Use Chromebox for Lifesize Dash

by Greg Crabtree in Best Practices, Lifesize, Meeting Room, Products, Technology, WebRTC
Learn why Lifesize Dash is compatible with Chromebox, and how it can enhance your smallest meeting spaces. With Lifesize Dash™ , we wanted to make a meeting room kit solution that stood out from the rest — it needed to be simple to use and allow for tons of flexibility, but it also needed to be super affordable so that companies could deploy it in all of their mini rooms. Rather than opting for an operating system like Windows or OS X that is bloated and requires more processing power, we built…

Lifesize Dash Overview

by Julian Fields in Lifesize, Meeting Room, Technology
High quality video doesn’t have to come at a high price. With Lifesize Dash, optimize all your meeting spaces for under $1000. Outfitting your mini meeting spaces with video just got easier — Lifesize Dash™ is the super affordable software-based video conferencing solution built for your smallest meeting rooms. No need to book those large conference rooms for your two-person conference call — you can now optimize your smallest meeting spaces in the corners of your office with high quality video conferencing with…

Three Ways to Share with Lifesize Share

by Julian Fields in Best Practices, Lifesize, Meeting Room, Technology
Lifesize Share gives you a lot of flexibility for wirelessly presenting in the meeting room. From sharing your laptop screen to playing full-motion videos to driving a presentation right from your mobile phone, Lifesize Share™  gives you a lot of flexibility in how you wirelessly present in the meeting room. Here are a few how-to’s on getting started with your share device in your meeting room. Sharing Your Screen Sharing your screen is a common workflow for someone who just wants to…

The Mis-Use Case of the Big Conference Room

by Amanda Etheridge in Lifesize, Meeting Room, Products, Technology
Don’t book the big room for your small meeting — transform your smallest spaces into collaboration stations with Lifesize Dash™. It’s five minutes before your meeting, and you need to find a room that is video enabled for you and your remote colleague to call in to. So you look for a vacant video-friendly huddle room and before you know it, you’re late to your meeting, you’re out of breath from walking four laps around the office looking for an open room and you end up in a boardroom meant to fit 20 people. Might want…

Phone HD Downloadable Backgrounds

by Julian Fields in Products, Lifesize, Meeting Room,
Get started on customizing your Lifesize Phone HD with these downloadable backgrounds made for your Phone HD screens. It’s easy to add custom wallpapers to your Lifesize Phone HD. Check out this three-minute Phone HD customization overview to learn how to modify time zones and layouts and download these free wallpapers to deploy across your account. Lifesize Icon Buddy Series Night Sky Series National Parks Series  Have a custom wallpaper you’re particularly proud of? Tag us on social media using #LSmakeityour…

A Fond Farewell to Web Conferencing

by Jasmine Kim in Best Practices, Changing the Way the World Communicates, Lifesize, Industry, Meeting Room
The audio- and web-only conference days are over. Join us as we talk about video conferencing vs. web conferencing. It’s officially time to pack up those audio- and web-only conferencing tools around your office, say your final good-byes and start moving on to bigger and better things. In this webinar , Lifesize Product Marketing Manager Amanda Etheridge bids adieu to those solely audio and web conferencing tools and explains how video conferencing can increase meeting efficiency, employee engagement and…

It’s Time to Ditch the Dongle

by Julian Fields in Lifesize, Meeting Room, Products
Lifesize Share reduces meeting room dongle clutter and gives everyone in the meeting room the ability to wirelessly share their screen and media. The dongle may seem innocent enough. The word itself is atrocious, but as a device, there’s nobility in a life spent helping bridge the gap between major infrastructure overhauls. But a person can only connect so many different cables end to end before they have to stand up for what is right. Enough is enough. The days of being ruled by the dongle demon have to go. One of the places you’re…

Cloud-Based Tech Can Get Pretty Cloudy — Lifesize Makes It Clear

by Randy Marcotte in Changing the Way the World Communicates, Lifesize, Meeting Room, Technology, Partners
We had the opportunity to talk to Randy Marcotte, the CEO, President and Co-Founder of Perfect VC, about how Lifesize is the best conferencing solution of its kind. When it comes to weeding through, comparing and contrasting, and selecting the right collaboration solution for you and your organization, it can get a little bit complicated. From choice fatigue to finding a lot of “close enough” solutions, it’s easy to be tempted to just settle for a solution that fits most but not all of your communication needs. Why settle, when you can go for a …
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