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Digital Signage Examples and Ideas to Transform Offices and Meeting Rooms

by Julian Fields in Products, Meeting Room
Digital Signage in Lobby Showing Lifesize's Aragon Award While businesses continue to rally around new goals for improving corporate communication, hundreds of thousands of screens throughout our offices go underutilized, just waiting to help out. And until the employee newsletter becomes retro enough to start being cool again or sentient enough to reverse the “send to trash” rules implemented by your employees, you might find more benefit in deployi…

Team Meetings: A Company’s Most Underestimated Leverage Point

by Dustin Smith in Best Practices, Meeting Room
Two Professionals on video conferencing call with two other professionals. Modern technology has forever changed the landscape of our human interaction, with many companies opting to have fewer face-to-face meetings and more digital conversations through email and chat apps. Although this may seem like a quicker way to get things done, it’s actually a poor replacement for certain tasks where true face-to-face communication is optimal. This blog provides team meeting…

Outfitting the Perfect Huddle Room: Maximum Configurability, Control and Choice

by Robert Maloney in Products, Meeting Room
Extend configurability and customizability to your huddle room video conferencing solution with touch-enabled Micpod and Lifesize Room Controller tablet app. We’re seeing huddle rooms proliferate at a phenomenal rate across the enterprise, to the tune of 32.4 million huddle rooms worldwide that currently host 8.1% of all video meetings, according to Frost & Sullivan . Their future trajectory looks even brighter, as less than 2% of huddle rooms are currently video-enabled, yet they will represent almost 70% of all video conferencing room meetings…

Finally, a Free Video Conferencing Solution for Room Kits

by Julian Fields in Lifesize, Meeting Room, Technology
Lifesize Dash is the free meeting room connector for conference room kits designed to enable video conferencing and content sharing in huddle rooms and meeting rooms. The room kit phenomenon was born out of companies’ desire to bring video conferencing into underused conference rooms, typically by combining off-the-shelf devices connected to a cloud video service . The upside? More video-equipped meeting spaces. The downside? Services figured out how to turn that crowd-sourced ingenuity into big business. Today, we’re excited to share an alternative…

The Importance of Face-to-Face Communication in the Modern Workforce

by Dustin Smith in Best Practices, Meeting Room
The digital age of smart phones, social media and instant messaging has made communicating faster and easier than ever, but nothing can quite replace the impact of face to face communications in the workplace. I recently had the privilege of traveling to a remote part of northern Nebraska to interview the chairman of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska for a Lifesize case study . We first met over an audio-only conference call since the chairman was traveling between locations and couldn’t connect over video. Between the spotty connection and not being able to see the nonverbal cues, I finished the call…

The Great Open Office Debate Doesn’t Matter. But Having Great Conference Rooms Does.

by Jasmine Kim in Meeting Room, Best Practices, Trends
Whether you’re for or against open offices, there’s one thing you need to get right: conference rooms. The open office concept has been a hot topic of discussion for work culture over the past decade. By the mid 2010s, more than 70% of all offices had opened up their floor plans with the intent to open up business conversations and increase collaboration between coworkers. The results are still mixed, but whether you’re for or against open offices, there’s one thing you need to get right:…

7 Video Conference Lighting Tips for the Perfect Video Call

by Dustin Smith in Best Practices, Meeting Room
Proper lighting is a big factor in creating a professional look during a video conference call. Here are 7 lighting tips to implement for your next video conference calls. Video conferencing has the unique ability to instantly connect teams face to face even when they’re located thousands of miles apart. Whether you’re catching up with business partners or customers, meeting a new client (or potential client) for the first time, or conducting a job interview, a properly lit meeting space can help you present your absolute best self and get the most out of every…

Stop Squatting and Start Scheduling Conference Rooms Like a Grown-Up

by Julian Fields in Best Practices, Meeting Room
Having conference room scheduling issues? Avoid double-bookings, delays and equipment blunders with these five tips, plus the right software to keep you connected. As the seconds tick down to the top of the hour, a dozen or so feet start to assemble just below the privacy frosted glass of the meeting room door. You knew the risk you were taking when you lawlessly squatted in that conference room. The jig is up. It’s time to turn yourself in and return the room to its rightful owner. Squatting just isn’t worth the stress, not when you learn the right way…

3 Benefits of Creating a Home Office Video Conference Room

by Julian Fields in Meeting Room, Trends
When you work from home, your office is your meeting room. Learn what makes a Lifesize Icon camera system the perfect home office accessory. Lifesize conference room systems come in range of sizes optimized for the unique needs of the huddle room, conference room, boardroom and all-hands auditorium. But there’s another space that these agile video conferencing systems are prefect for — the home office. If you’re one of the 51% of employees who do some or all of your work from a home office , then you know that working from home…

The Top 7 Tips for Pulling Off a Great Demo Presentation

by Dustin Smith in Meeting Room, Streaming and Recording
An effective demo presentation allows potential clients to see and feel how things will be better for them if they buy or invest in your company. Here are seven tips for pulling of a winning demo presentation. Demo presentations are a powerful tool for running and growing your business. When done well, a demo presentation allows clients, investors or potential customers to see and feel how things will be better for them if they buy or invest in your company or product. Often generic demo presentations do just the opposite, leaving the meeting participants bored and disinterested. Here are seven tips…
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