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PC Pro Calls Video Conferencing as Easy as a "Walk in the Park"

by Jasmine Kim in Changing the Way the World Communicates, Cloud, Lifesize, Meeting Room, Products
PC Pro Calls Lifesize Video Conferencing as Easy as a Walk in the ParkPC Pro Calls Lifesize Video Conferencing as Easy as a Walk in the Park Here at Lifesize, we know what kind of communication technology works. From ease of use to simple integration and plain old beauty, we know exactly what IT professionals looking for easy collaboration want, and the writers of PC Pro Magazine agree. PC Pro Magazine is a leader in the latest products and technology trends and one of the biggest selling PC monthly magazines in the United Kingdom.…

IT to the Rescue with Lifesize Icon Health Monitoring

by Josh Duncan in Lifesize, Features, Meeting Room, Products
icon health monitoring Once a video conferencing hardware system  has been deployed within an organization, it doesn’t take long for users to become dependent on it as a key tool for internal and external collaboration. This is when the real work for IT begins. It is expected that IT will be on call 24/7, monitoring all systems and ensuring they are running smoothly and working at maximum capacity. However, with…

Video Conferencing Rugged Enough for the Construction Site

by Julian Fields in CustomerCase Study, Lifesize, Meeting Room
High quality video conferencing camera Doster Construction builds everything from multifamily housing and school projects to commercial buildings and large medical facilities throughout the eastern United States. And with between 20 and 30 jobs going on at a given time, having an effective communication platform is vital for their business operations. We sat down with CJ Rainer, IT Manager at Doster Construction, to learn more…

End Users Aren’t the Only Ones Who Value a Simple UI

by Jasmine Kim in Best Practices, Features, Lifesize, Meeting Room, People
74% of IT pros look for a simple user interface American industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss, most recognized for his work on the Western Electric telephone, stated in 1955, “When the point of contact between the product and the people becomes a point of friction, then the designer has failed. On the other hand, if people are made safer, more comfortable, more eager to purchase, more efficient or just plain happier by contact with the product…

How to Cut Down Enterprise Conferencing Chaos

by Jasmine Kim in Best Practices, Cloud, Lifesize, Meeting Room, People, Products, Trends
With cloud offerings, it’s really easy for anyone to log onto a website, put in your company credit card details and have a new service up and running in a matter of minutes. It’s also really easy to have six different departments in six different silos installing six different tools within six hours of one another. Maybe they’ll tell IT about it. Or maybe they’ll go rogue. Meanwhile, IT has…

Calendar Integration in the Conference Room

by Elizabeth Hawes in Cloud, Features, Lifesize, Meeting Room, Microsoft, Products, Technology
Your meeting technology shouldn’t get in the way of your conversations. With the launch of our new calendar integration, Enterprise and Premium customers can easily subscribe their Lifesize® Icon™ systems to their Microsoft® Office 365®, Google Apps for Work™ or Microsoft® Exchange 2013 calendar for some great new meeting room functionality — including the easiest, most intuitive meeting…

Unboxing and Setup of the Lifesize Icon 450

by Julian Fields in Cloud, Features, Lifesize, Meeting Room, Products, Technology
What’s in the box? The Lifesize® Icon 450™ comes with everything you need to get set up and start making video calls. Inside the box you’ll find the Lifesize Icon 450 HD camera system, Lifesize® Phone™ HD, 2 HDMI cables (one for the display and one for screen sharing), 1 Ethernet cable, 1 power supply cable and 1 Lifesize Link cable to connect to the Lifesize Phone HD. Connecting to your…

Meet the Lifesize Icon 450

by Julian Fields in Features, Lifesize, Meeting Room, Products
Smart-framing sensor brings everyone into the picture The Lifesize® Icon 450™  is equipped with a smart-framing sensor that automatically pans, tilts and zooms the camera to the optimal position. We got tired of seeing people cut in half because the camera wasn’t positioned correctly, so we developed a smart-framing sensor to fix it automatically. Now, when a new group joins the meeting…

The Conference Room Still Matters

by Craig Malloy in Cloud, Lifesize, Meeting Room, Trends
  Last month, we shared the tremendous  momentum that our cloud-based conferencing service  has gained since its launch two years ago. Cloud solutions and services have gained enormous traction as workforces become more mobile and globally distributed, and it’s this market trend that led us to reinvent Lifesize as a cloud-first company. Earlier this year, we ended our sale of on-premise…

Telepresence is Dead

by Michael Helmbrecht in Trends, Technology, Meeting Room
telepresence is dead It lived a good life. It showed people what video technology could unleash by putting training wheels on the video communications experience while adding cost, complexity and inflexibility. It was a solution for the select few. We thank telepresence – the three-screen, mirrored room, luxe video conferencing category – for giving the market a proof of concept. But its 15 minutes have come to a…
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