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Lifesize Named a Top Workplace by the Austin American-Statesman

by Gayle Wiley in People, Lifesize, Changing the Way the World Communicates
Lifesize has been named a winner of the Top Workplaces Award by the Austin American-Statesman for a third year! At Lifesize, we pride ourselves in our culture of customer-obsession as well as the internal workplace culture that has developed and flourished through our employees. That’s why we’re delighted to announce today that Lifesize has been named a winner of the Top Workplaces Award by the Austin American-Statesman for a third year!   As part of our culture of excellence at Lifesize, we focus on…

Lifesize Achieves Industry-Leading Net Promoter Score of 84

by Amy Downs in Changing the Way the World Communicates, Lifesize, Industry, People
Lifesize achieves industry-leading net promoter score in 2018.   An NPS score of 70 or higher is considered by industry experts to be "world class" and an indicator of overwhelming customer loyalty. After surveying 11,000 customers and getting more than 2,200 responses, we received a new industry-leading score of 84! Our latest survey results continue to highlight the success of Lifesize’s culture of customer obsession — a culture of passionate people…

The Way YouWork at WeWork

by Jasmine Kim in Best Practices, Changing the Way the World Communicates, Trends, People
Join WeWork Director of Community Matt Glazer as he discusses the coworking industry and how WeWork has exploded in size. We’ve trumpeted the benefits of flexible work environments for a long time — whether it be the meeting space, the technology being used to bring people together or anything else that encourages open collaboration — and it’s nice to come across organizations that support the same cause we do. In this episode of Lifesize Live! Matt Glazer, the Director of Community at WeWork, talks about the…

Dear Small Businesses, Thank You.

by Jasmine Kim in Industry, Lifesize, People
This Small Business Week, we’re showcasing how small businesses use video conferencing to create, innovate, collaborate and grow their business. Happy Small Business Week to our fellow small businesses! We make up 99.9% of all organizations across the United States, employing almost half of all US employees , so here’s to us!   Defined as any organization with fewer than 500 employees, these companies make up the backbone of the American economy through job creation, innovation and economic impact. From scalability and interoperabili…

The Power of an Authentic Customer Voice in Marketing

by Jasmine Kim in Changing the Way the World Communicates, Partners, Lifesize, Industry, People
Hear from Vinay Bhagat, CEO at TrustRadius, as he talks about the importance of customer voice, authenticity and truth in marketing. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new shirt for yourself, a coffee machine for your family or a collaboration solution to deploy across your whole organization, it’s important to do your research — it’s Consumerism 101. But sometimes, just googling the product isn’t enough, especially when spam, ads and self-promotion drown those real customer reviews out. In this episode of Lifesize Live!,…

Phone interviews are the worst: Embracing the video conference interview

by Jasmine Kim in Best Practices, Cloud, Lifesize, People, Trends
Have a video interview lined up? Learn how to impress hiring managers with these tips from the Lifesize video conferencing experts. Job hunting — everyone goes through it, and while some experiences are more rigorous than others with in-group settings or lengthy scavenger hunts, the goal is always to learn more about what the person on the other end has to offer. By far the most common first interviews I’ve encountered have been by phone or video. And while phone interviews might seem like the less stressful kind, nonverbal…

How to Make Meetings More Productive

by Jasmine Kim in Changing the Way the World Communicates, People, Technology
It’s time to say bye to unproductive meetings — start meeting better and smarter with Lifesize. Meetings have been getting a pretty bad rap these days, and it feels like we might have forgotten why meetings came to be in the first place. They’re ideally created to block off time for collaboration and brainstorming, but all too often they transform into dreadful time locks with the same people talking about the same topics over and over again, breaking up workflow and downgrading productiv…

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Remote Worker Revolution is Upon Us

by Julian Fields in Features, Lifesize, Miscellaneous, Mobility, People, Technology, Trends, Green
Once a luxury, remote working (or " telecommuting ") has been taking the world by storm. Employees love it because it provides a greater work-life balance and takes them out of rush hour traffic, and employers love it because it is cost-effective, offers a larger recruitment pool and, honestly, who doesn’t love working with happier people? Companies like IBM, AT&T and American Express have…

How to Keep a Global Workforce Engaged

by Jasmine Kim in Changing the Way the World Communicates, Lifesize, People
Join us as we talk to the Chief People Officer at Lifesize about what your organization can do to keep your global workforce engaged. Employee engagement can mean a lot of different things, but for Lifesize Chief People Officer Gayle Wiley, it’s defined as how much passion you have for your job, the emotional commitment you feel for your organization and what the company’s goals mean to you. The truth is, engaged people are motivated and are capable of doing extraordinary work. They go above and beyond their call of duty,…

Speaking Without Words: Body Language and Non-Verbal Cues in Communication

by Julian Fields in Industry, Lifesize, Miscellaneous, People, Trends
Lifesize, a company that supports video conferencing, explains why nonverbal communication is key in the business world. In 1967, the  Journal of Consulting Psychology  published a study conducted by two researchers that would eventually shape the way we understand the importance of nonverbal communication. Written by UCLA professor Albert Mehrabian and Susan R. Ferris, the piece described the relative importance of words, tone of voice and body language in understanding an underlying emotional message. But…
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