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How Lifesize Maintains Reliability Through the Coronavirus Crisis

by Michael Helmbrecht in Industry, Products, Trends, Technology
Histogram showing a dramatic increase of Lifesize users As organizations have rapidly transitioned tens of millions of employees to work-from-home arrangements due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and directives from health experts, they have come to heavily rely on technologies such as Lifesize to keep their distributed teams connected and productive. With the unprecedented universal growth in video conferencing users and usage, platform…

Virtual Meeting Rooms: How to Set Up and Host a Virtual Meeting

by Dustin Smith in Best Practices, Products
Virtual meeting on a laptop, phone or meeting room display Collaboration and the way people work has not only changed in recent decades, but in recent weeks due to COVID-19. With more companies conducting business remotely, a virtual meeting room, or virtual meeting space, is a cost-effective way for teams to meet face to face, share presentations and collaborate, regardless of location. Lifesize makes it easy to set up a virtual meeting room and…

The 5 Best Free Video Conferencing Apps

by Julian Fields in Products, Mobility
Free video conferencing with Lifesize Go All businesses have different priorities when it comes to their communication and collaboration strategy. For some organizations, cost is the primary consideration, while others put a premium on security, reliability and support — perks typically associated with enterprise-grade video conferencing solutions. Of course, many fall somewhere in the middle, making it all that more important to…

How to Record a Conference Call with Lifesize

by Dustin Smith in Products, Streaming and Recording, Features
Video call recording with four groups of people on the call For most businesses, meetings are where ideas come to life, problems are solved, important information is shared and decisions are made. Unfortunately, much of the information exchanged in these meetings is lost immediately after the meeting is over. Studies show that within one hour of the meeting, employees forget up to half of the information presented. Within 24 hours, they have forgotten…

Video Conferencing for Small Businesses: Free vs. Fee Checklist

by Dustin Smith in Meeting Room, Products, Best Practices
3 People in a conference room looking at a sales growth graphic on screen   Traditional in-person meetings are out of the question for startups and other small businesses that employ remote teams — they’re expensive, impractical and just so easily replaceable with a reliable video conferencing solution. And in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems as if every small business has gone virtual. While free consumer-grade apps such as Hangouts or Skype can be extrem…

Requirements for Video Conferencing: Your Checklist for Hardware and Software

by Julian Fields in Meeting Room, Products
Meeting room layouts and BYOD policies don’t have to cause complexity. Here’s our checklist for video conferencing hardware and software requirements and considerations for 2019. Since the spread of COVID-19, most companies went remote overnight. And as businesses adapt to the work from home lifestyle, most have been presented with some logistical challenges, such as setting up video conferencing for their entire team and ensuring system requirements are fully supported throughout all devices. Thankfully, there are some basic system, software and hardware guidelines…

As Browsers Become First-Class UC Citizens, Lifesize Meetings Become Even Easier to Join

by Chiara Menesatti in Products, WebRTC
Laptop open in a coffee shop. On the laptop's screen is the Lifesize guest call experience With  global research indicating that the average person uses the Internet for 6 hours, 42 minutes every day – including 48 percent of that time spent on mobile – it isn’t a stretch to say that web experiences and the browsers that power them have an outsized influence on our work, digital relationships and tangential technology decisions. To improve Lifesize customers’ ability to use the web…

What Your Admin Console Says about You and Your Company

by Matt Cook in Best Practices, Features, Products
Lifesize Admin Console featuring the average call size dashboard. The Lifesize Admin Console  can tell you a lot about your company and how you collaborate in the workplace. Not only does it give you a view into how your organization utilizes the Lifesize video conferencing solution, it also makes it easy to detect successful use cases and simplifies administration and troubleshooting. Here are some tips and tricks to help you read between the lines and…

New Lifesize Real-time Reporting and Live Meeting Statistics: Helping Admins Protect Video Conferencing Investments

by Michael Helmbrecht in Features, Products
Three screens of the Lifesize Admin Console with live meeting stats. At Lifesize, we have long understood that IT administrators are the stewards of not only the ideal meeting experience, but the success or failure of most technologies in the enterprise. They are often our greatest champions and are unceasingly one of our most important customer focal points. Today, we introduced significant enhancements to our Lifesize Admin Console  — mission control for…

Lifesize Icon 300 Joins Icon 700 as Good Design Awards Winner

by Aaron Motsinger in Products, Meeting Room
Lifesize Icon 300 camera system The Lifesize® Icon 300™  video conferencing system for huddle rooms had a banner year in 2019, beginning with its launch at Enterprise Connect  and capped by an impressive accolade from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies — a Good Design Award. The Good Design Awards, one of the preemin…
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