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How To Re-Invent Your Business In A Post-Lockdown World

by Chris Perez in Trends, Technology
Man reviewing a strategy board Business is changing in the midst of the global pandemic. The spread of COVID-19 has sparked seismic shifts in the status quo, forcing business leaders to face unprecedented challenges. With the uncertainties of the future, the business world must now lay new foundations and ride the storm.  The isolation that we have all experienced has provided moments for self-reflection. And as business…

9 Ways to Optimize Call Center Customer Service [2020]

by John Yarbrough in Best Practices, Trends
Picture of number nine with woman at laptop For years, we’ve highlighted the rising importance of customer experience , having recognized that quality service begins and ends with the contact center. While it’s true call centers remained an afterthought for too long, today leading organizations recognize their importance to the bottom line and are redoubling efforts towards improving call center agent training, client retention, and…

Ideal Work Environments: How to Find Yours and What You’ll Need to Succeed

by Kevin Payne - Guest Contributor in Best Practices, Trends
Man in blue shirt working on laptop outdoors Everyone thrives in different settings. For some, a high energy work environment with lots of activity spurs creativity . For others, the same environment represents productivity-killing distractions. This is where the concept of your ideal work environment comes in. Do you know which work environment is the best for you? Is it working at the penthouse office on Wall Street, or maybe lounging…

What Will Future Workplaces Look Like After 2020?

by Dustin Smith in Industry, Mobility, Trends
graphic showing the people in different locations working together The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed our work environment and how we interact with our colleagues. But the shift in how and where we work presents an opportunity to reshape and reinvent the workplace for a post-COVID-19 reality. Instead of defining “work” as a single office location, moving forward, experts predict that a much more significant percentage of employees will be allowed…

Getting Ready for the Next Normal

by Josh Kivenko in Trends, Unified Communications, Best Practices
Three people on a conference call using their smart devices “In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” –General Dwight D. Eisenhower “Your plan has to suit who you and your team are right now.” – Mike Krzyzewski  We’ve all felt embattled by the global health crisis, social upheaval, financial volatility and complete disruption to our daily lives and routines. Whether we planned for it or not,…

Beyond the Tipping Point: The Future is Not Just Work From Home, It’s ‘Work From Everywhere’

by Craig Malloy in Industry, Technology, Trends
Bell Curve graph with people on conference calls in the background To borrow from a previous post , the future of work  arrived yesterday, long before many organizations were prepared to evolve into it. Somehow, only three months after the global COVID-19 pandemic took hold, that unexpected, early arrival of nearly universal remote work now feels far in the rearview mirror. The tipping point for both remote work and certainly video conferencing adoption …

How Lifesize Maintains Reliability Through the Coronavirus Crisis

by Michael Helmbrecht in Industry, Products, Trends, Technology
Histogram showing a dramatic increase of Lifesize users As organizations have rapidly transitioned tens of millions of employees to work-from-home arrangements due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and directives from health experts, they have come to heavily rely on technologies such as Lifesize to keep their distributed teams connected and productive. With the unprecedented universal growth in video conferencing  users and usage, platfo…

Work-from-home email: How to craft a work-from-home request in three steps

by Jasmine Kim in Flu Season, Healthcare, People, Trends
Here are a few tips and sample letters to get you started on your work-from-home request. Increase business continuity with Lifesize video conferencing. Many organizations are flexible when it comes to working from home when you’re feeling sick. In fact, many companies encourage you to take a sick day or a remote work day when you’re feeling under the weather.  If your team is already working from home, you can connect with your team virtually by claiming your free account with Lifesize . And if you prefer to work from home due to Coronaviru…

Now That You WFH: Here’s How to Set Up Your Home Office

by Dustin Smith in Meeting Room, Trends
When you work from home, your office is your meeting room. Learn what makes a Lifesize Icon camera system the perfect home office accessory. The COVID-19 outbreak has caused companies around the world to go fully remote almost overnight. For many employees, working from home is a foreign experience that will require significant adjustments in how they work and communicate with coworkers. If you’re one of the 51% of employees who did some or all of your work from a home office prior to the coronavirus pandemic, you know that workin…

Artificial Intelligence and Its Role in Collaborating Across Cultures

by Bobby Beckmann in Trends, Technology
Colleagues in a meeting room with presentation sharing from multiple devices At its core, technology is meant to make our lives easier and help connect us. The rise of the smartphone, mobile email, instant messaging, social media and countless other innovations have resulted in more instantaneous, always-on correspondence. That correspondence has, in turn, vaulted the business world into becoming ever more globalized. Whether the distance spans continents, countries or…
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