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How Video Conferencing Saved Santa

by Liz Britain in Technology
As we count down the final days of the 2014 holiday season, we wanted to share our latest video conferencing case study from all the way up in the North Pole. Are the skeptics in your life still questioning how Santa gets it done? Read one grandmother’s response in our last blog, " Yes, Sam, Santa Uses Video Conferencing ."

Yes, Sam, Santa Uses Video Conferencing!

by Liz Britain in Technology
It was a cold night in early December, and Sam was helping his grandmother decorate the family Christmas tree.  She’d let him stay up late, even though it was a school night, and he’d even gotten to have a second hot chocolate once he’d promised that he wouldn’t tell his mother (not that he would have anyway).  But as he was enjoying his hot chocolate and his grandmother’s world-famous frosted…

The Legal Field and Video Conferencing: Offering Greater Efficiencies for Courts, Law Firms and Clients

by Julian Fields in Industry
judges gavel From law firms who know firsthand that “time is money” to overworked court systems looking for ways to save money and reduce overhead, video conferencing offers a big value for organizations at all levels of the legal field.  At Lifesize, we’ve worked with everyone from counties to private firms and more to provide them with high-quality video conferencing to meet a myriad of needs. Here are…

Only Three Days Left to Vote!

by Julian Fields in Lifesize, People
Time to roll out the red carpet! It’s not the Grammys, the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards, but it is soon to be one of our favorites. The Let’s Do Video Readers’ Choice Awards are officially here ! While only in its first year, the LDV Readers’ Choice Awards let the audience decide who the real winners are in the visual collaboration industry. Lifesize is honored to be among the finalists…

What’s New in Lifesize Cloud: Six New Updates

by Brian Beasley in Technology
What a difference a year makes! In January 2014, Lifesize was a hardware-centric company with a vision to remake ourselves as a SaaS provider, centering our product portfolio and road map around a cloud solution that was still in development. In May 2014, we launched Lifesize ® Cloud, and the transformation began. Customer acceptance was tremendous, and feature requests rolled in. Every few…

Celebrating Cyber Monday with Lifesize!

by Liz Britain in Cloud
Shortly before midnight on Friday, November 28, people all across America—their belts still stretching to contain an overindulgent Thanksgiving dinner—descended on stores and shopping malls across the country, fighting both record cold temperatures and the madding crowds for a shot at rock-bottom deals on the most sought-after merchandise.  But not you!  No, you sat comfortably in bed, secure…

What to do when your friend leaves his phone unguarded when he goes to the restroom

by Liz Britain in Technology
We use our phones for everything. We text, talk, and video chat with our friends; we pass the time with games and social media; and we look up that actor in that movie whenever we need to settle a debate. From first morning alarm to evening recharge, our phones ride shotgun wherever we go. Because we rely so heavily on these tiny computers, we asked our good friends Tripp and Tyler to share…

Webinar: The Secret Formula to Crafting an Indisputable ROI

by Liz Britain in Virtualization
If you joined us for last month’s webinar, What’s the Real ROI of Video Conferencing? , you learned the factors to consider before jumping into an ROI justification, some measurable benefits of video conferencing , and how organizations of varying sizes are realizing value from their video conferencing solutions.   Sign up now!  We are happy to announce part two of this ROI webinar series,…

Weathering Natural Disasters through Video Conferencing Technology

by Liz Britain in Technology
Simon Dudley, our video evangelist here at Lifesize, recently wrote a great column for Wired  about the dangers that natural disasters pose to unprepared businesses and how video conferencing technology can be used to ensure continuity of operations.  The whole piece is definitely worth a read, but here’s a quick synopsis. All across the Northern Hemisphere, late summer brings with it a host…

The Future of Video Conferencing Is the Cloud

by Liz Britain in Technology
The cloud is rapidly changing the way people and businesses use computers. It’s allowing for immediate access to any program, document, or piece of data while being anywhere in the world. You’re no longer tied to your desktop to access your most used programs. Over the last few years, cloud computing has gone from being a piece of industry jargon to being “the next big thing” to approaching…
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