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Wireless Screen Sharing with Lifesize Share

No dongles, no cords. Just true wireless presentations.

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Modernize your meeting presentations

Lifesize Share™ makes it remarkably simple to present in meetings. Save the hassle and lost time trying to find and pass along the right dongle or cord. And make all that clutter disappear, too.

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Browser Powered

Present from any laptop using your web browser or Apple AirPlay

AirPlay for the Enterprise

Apple users can natively access AirPlay without limiting sharing features for PC and Android users

Ultrasonic Pairing

Connect your laptop to Lifesize Share through ultrasonic audio waves

Secure Syncing

Provide a secure, separate wireless connection point for your guests

Full-Motion Video

Share online videos without stuttering or stammering

Quick Change

The multi-user sharing queue keeps the meeting moving forward

Third-Party Party

Not just for Lifesize systems — enable wireless sharing on third-party devices, too

Easy to Setup and Manage

Install is plug and play, updates are automatic and devices are centrally managed

Digital signage solution

Transform screens of all sizes into vehicles for corporate communication. From company news and meeting room schedules to building directories and wayfinding solutions to social media and weather updates, you can share compelling content with any audience, anywhere in your office.

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professionals meeting while utilizing a whiteboard and laptop.

Whiteboard Sharing

Bring the creativity and flexibility of whiteboard collaboration to your Lifesize video conferencing experience. Capture whiteboard content in real time and present a clear, sharp and accurate digital image to everyone in the meeting or on the call.

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Tens of thousands of organizations around the world trust Lifesize

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