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Anyone who has ever participated in a video teleconference for work knows the multitude of things that can go wrong: dropped connections, poor audio or video quality, frustrating audio delays and people talking over each other. Add to that a mix of device types and it can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. Or a comedy of errors.

It doesn’t have to be this way. That’s one of the guiding philosophies behind Lifesize’s award-winning HD video teleconferencing systems for any work (or home) space. Featuring tools from the extraordinarily simple to the extremely powerful, Lifesize helps turn any space into an instant meeting room with easy plug-and-play accessibility. Explore some of our power-packed video teleconference tools below.

Group chats without all the hassle

From huddle spaces to crowded convention ballrooms, Lifesize has created the perfect product to help you see, hear and communicate clearly with your colleagues, anytime, anywhere.

Lifesize Icon 450 Video Conferencing Camera

Lifesize® Icon 450™

Ideal for huddle rooms and small meeting spaces (because someone booked the big conference room before you could!), the Lifesize® Icon 450™ features a smart-framing sensor that adjusts to capture everyone in the room, no matter how tight or narrower the space. The Icon 450™’s integrated camera pans, tilts and zooms, sporting an 82-degree horizontal field of view.

Autofocus ensures a clear image every time. As with all of our cameras, the Icon 450™ pairs seamlessly with the Lifesize app.

Lifesize Icon 450 Video Conferencing Camera

Lifesize® Icon 600™

Designed with larger conference rooms and boardrooms in mind, the Icon 600™ features 10x optical zoom, supports dual displays and a pair of audio expansion inputs for large rooms. It also pairs with the Lifesize app.

Photograph of Lifesize Icon 800

Lifesize® Icon 800™

Holding a meeting in an auditorium or all-hands-on-deck meeting space with 500 of your closest coworkers? The Lifesize® Icon 800™ has a secure, rack-mountable design that supports dual displays and four 1080p video inputs. It also can handle up to seven audio inputs for a fully integrated audio environment and crisp, clear sound when all voices need to be heard equally.

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