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When’s the last time you had a video conference call that made you feel like you were in the same room? One where the video was crisp, the audio clear. Thanks to Lifesize’s camera and audio equipment, your conference calls will be glitch-free and solution ensures you have a glitch-free, HD quality experience on your next video conference call. Lifesize’s cameras are built for any size business, along with our intuitive Lifesize app that brings your coworkers close together, no matter which far-flung corner of the world they’re calling from.

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Miles ahead of the average video conferencing call equipment, Lifesize lets you stream audio, video and web in crisp HD quality along with the ability to record and share meetings all from a single easy to use application. With an intuitive interface, screen sharing and simple calendar integration, Lifesize was truly built for business. 1080p video and an amazing frame rate of 60 fps will make it seem as though you’re in the same room as your coworkers.

Lifesize is more than just a typical video conference calling service provider. With more than a decade of experience designing and building meeting rooms, we offer a full range of HD cameras specifically built to fit your business’s needs. From the Lifesize® Icon 450™ (link to video equipment page), created for tight spaces and small huddle rooms all the way up to the Lifesize® Icon 800™ (link to video equipment page), designed to handle the rigors of an auditorium or extra-large conference space, there’s a Lifesize product to fit your every need. If your video conference needs to be more of an audio conference call, Lifesize offers a true “smartphone” that features HD wideband audio quality and can connect up to 50-way calls for large meetings.

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