History of Innovation

At Lifesize®, our relentless pursuit of innovation drives us to simplify, streamline and mobilize video conferencing so that it can be accessible by anyone, anywhere and on any device. We continue to lead the industry in innovation as we pursue perfection.

Lifesize has a history of innovation including:
The first HD video system in the world
The first HD video system for under $5000
The first HD video system for under $2500
The first one-button HD streaming and recording solution
The first integrated virtualized video infrastructure platform
The broadest range of support for HD video collaboration across 40+ mobile devices
The first touch screen phone optimized for HD video collaboration 
The first all-in-one video conferencing solution, installed in minutes

Lifesize video communications technology allows you to build connected relationships with those who matter most through the power of simple, reliable HD video conferencing.

Lifesize video conferencing solutions let everyone grab a seat at any meeting, anywhere, and still feel as though they’re together in the same room. Lifesize delivers all this flexibility and freedom without compromising on our commitment to delivering the highest quality video calls.

To learn more about our company and video solutions, go to our website: http://www.lifesize.com