Video Conferencing Expands Learning Opportunities for Alief ISD Students

Alief ISD’s 6,300 award-winning employees have created an environment of academic excellence, innovation, community and safety for the nearly 47,000 students that attend its schools. With technology proliferating at home, the school district has implemented video conferencing to help students prepare for 21st century learning. With a graduation rate of nearly 94.7 percent, it’s imperative that students are ready for colleges and careers of the future. To help prepare the students, Alief ISD needed to implement a variety of technologies to extend the learning opportunities available to its students.

With video conferencing, Alief ISD connects its schools with other schools around the globe (from Houston to South Carolina and all the way to Germany!). One school, Chancellor Elementary, uses this technology to cross traditional classroom boundaries and celebrate literacy and reading. 

In fact, the class has implemented a project that promotes reading and opportunities for classroom video collaboration. At the start of each class, the students share a brief introduction including their location, what time of day it is and current weather conditions. Each class is invited to provide an update of their recent classroom activities and present an overview of their key learnings. 

Being able to share their experiences over video conferencing provides a platform for the students to get comfortable with video, to meet new students, present to an outside audience and highlight all of their hard work.

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