Lifesize Share™

Plug-and-play media sharing … minus the plug.

A Photograph of Lifesize Share

Where we’re going, we don’t need cords.

No cables or limits to your meetings. Lifesize Share™ eliminates the clutter and delivers a truly wireless solution for sharing your media in a group of any size. Passing cords and dongles from presenter to presenter is a thing of the past.

Ditch the dongle.

Wirelessly Present

Share media from your laptop or mobile

Quick Change

The multi-user sharing queue keeps the meeting moving forward

Ultrasonic Pairing

Connect your laptop to Lifesize Share™ through ultrasonic audio waves

Secure Syncing

Provide a secure, separate wireless connection point for your guests

Full-Motion Video

Share online videos without stuttering or stammering

No Install

Connect to your meeting room display or video conferencing system and start sharing

Third-Party Party

Not just for Lifesize systems — enable wireless sharing on third-party devices, too

IT's Dream Come True

Updates are automatic, and devices are centrally managed

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