Sept améliorations que Lifesize apporte à Google Apps

Picture of a man using Lifesize Cloud App remotely on his laptop computer.

La consumérisation des entreprises continue à entraîner des changements spectaculaires dans les outils qu'on utilise au travail. Les entreprises adoptent des applications sociales comme Google Mail™, Calendar™, Hangouts™ et Chrome™ car les employés les utilisent déjà à des fins personnelles.

Cependant, de nombreuses entreprises disposent aussi d'une solution de visioconférence héritée ou utilisent une application gratuite qui leur fournit une expérience non satisfaisante. Celles-ci paient en outre pour bénéficier d'une solution d'audioconférence et d'un service différent pour les conférences Web. Ces solutions disparates ont des interfaces utilisateur et des flux de travail complètement différents qui ne s'intègrent pas les uns aux autres. Ceci est frustrant et inefficace pour les utilisateurs et coûteux pour l'entreprise.

Lifesize offers customers a better way to communicate using the Google tools such as Chrome, Calendar or Hangouts that employees prefer. In addition, companies can replace their audio and web conferencing systems with the Lifesize app and Lifesize® Phone™HD, providing a consistent, simple and intuitive experience users will love and saving the company money.

Lifesize recognizes the importance of delivering a high quality video conferencing solution that’s designed to work the way teams work. Lifesize fits within existing GCal/Gmail™ workflows, providing a simple way to make calls through a Chrome browser or to schedule video meetings through Google Calendar. Lifesize natively supports video calls in the Chrome browser and provides a Chrome extension that lets users easily schedule meetings through Google Calendar.

Hangouts Users

Lifesize is a powerful alternative to Google Hangouts. Hangouts and browser-based calling in Lifesize both work in Chrome through a link the meeting owner sends attendees. With Lifesize, the experience is much richer with higher quality, connected rooms and point-to-point calling, as well as meetings and large group calls. Lifesize is a robust collaboration tool with video that can plug right into your existing workflows with no disruption or learning curve. Take the free 14-day trial and discover for yourself the seven ways Lifesize enhances Google apps:

  1. Superior conference room experience — Lifesize® Icon™ is easy to use and simple to deploy and is a perfect fit for every need, from the huddle room to the boardroom and auditorium. Lifesize Icon video systems offer a far better experience than Chromebox™. The Lifesize Icon experience is best-in-class, from the immersive HD video and audio quality to the outstanding user experience of the touch-based Lifesize Phone HD that offers audio conferencing and video conferencing control from a single interface.
  2. Direct dial experience including a shared directory — Once a new person is added to Lifesize, they’re instantly added to the directory, which is automatically displayed on any of your devices, including room video systems. Simply scroll by name to see who is available, and click to call.
  3. Schedule and join meetings using your existing flow — You can easily schedule your video meetings from Google Calendar with our easy-to-use Chrome extension and join video meetings directly in Chrome. Subscribe to and view your G Suite calendar on your paired Lifesize Icon, with Lifesize Phone HD, making it effortless to join a meeting.
  4. Improved call experience — Lifesize provides a continuous-presence multiparty experience for up to 50 participants in a meeting. You can also select a primary presenter to show full screen and a moderator to control the mute-all function for your meetings.
  5. Add international dial-in to your meetings — Lifesize provides both video and audio conferencing in one solution with dial-in numbers for 60 countries. Google Voice™ is available only in the United States.
  6. Connected experience — With Lifesize, everyone can have a seat at the meeting. The Lifesize app works on your laptop (PC or Mac®), tablet and smartphone (Android™ or iOS) and your Google Chrome browser.
  7. Gardez le contrôle — Vous pouvez gérer et surveiller votre compte dans le tableau de bord de la console Web, qui comprend des rapports complets sur les utilisateurs , les réunions et les ressources, ainsi que des indicateurs de mesure relatifs à l'utilisation et à la demande.

NOTE: Feature availability and price vary by subscription plan, selected options, and paired devices.

Any mix of three or four benefits should be enough to convince you that Lifesize is the ideal collaboration tool for you; all seven should make it an obvious “no-brainer.”

Are you convinced? Then, what are you waiting for? Try Lifesize now for free by signing up for a free trial. We think you will love how Lifesize fits within the framework of how you work.

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