Is Your Contact Center Omnichannel Solution Ready for the Post Pandemic Reality?

With Valur Svansson, Global Strategist | CCaaS, Ex + Cx Solutions

“Times of crisis are moments of truth for consumers when it comes to how organizations treat their customers.” (Forbes)

We are over a year into this pandemic and the world as we know it has fundamentally changed. Not only are your customers looking to reach you from wherever they are and whatever device they are on, they are expecting you to connect with them at a human-level. Brands that get this right will flourish. A human-centric experience requires an orchestration of technology for customers, your workforce, and your environment.

We are here to help.

We’ve compiled the list of must-have capabilities to help deliver the human touch.

Join us as Valur Svansson and Lance Redford take you through a webinar series showcasing the must-have capabilities with CxEngage from Lifesize, a ‘born-in the-cloud’ contact center platform designed to enable a human-centric experience, offering you all the capabilities to delight your customers and empower your workforce, and delivered over a highly usable and flexible platform.

In this webinar, we will discuss omnichannel implementation:
• Learn how to deliver a human touch with the right omnichannel solution.
• How to maintain a constantly connected conversation with your customer.
• How to ensure your agents are equipped to support the omnichannel conversation.

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