How to Join Up Your CX and EX in the Hybrid Work Environment

With Ashish Seth, General Manager, CCaaS at Lifesize, and Lindsey Plocek, Head of Marketing, Observe.AI 

The world has changed. Digital, contactless interactions are the new normal and hybrid workforces are the direction all offices are heading for. With contactless interactions and hybrid work environments how do you retain that personal touch with your customers? How do you keep the human touch? You keep that through your contact center software. One may ask how software can enhance that human touch. Lifesize CxEngage brings your customer experience and agent experience together to make working life better for everyone.    

Joining our session will be Lindsey Plocek from Observe.AI to discuss how you can empower your teams to perform at their best and keep that human touch with Contact Center AI. 

In this session you will learn how:
• We make it simple for your customers by offering them the ability to reach you via any channel.
• We make your agents lives easier by giving them a single pane of glass to work from.
• We will video-enable your contact center for the deep customer engagement.
• How to level-up your agents with contact center AI 

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