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If it has a camera and a microphone, it probably video conferences.

Whether you log in from a 4K video conferencing system in the meeting room, a laptop on your couch or a phone from the airport, it’s easy to connect face to face with Lifesize. We support a wide range of devices to support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies and user preferences with apps for PC and Mac computers, Android and iOS phones and tablets and even a browser-based web app for Chromebooks™, as well as anything else that can’t download applications. The experience is the same — it’s just the size of the screen that changes.

Video Conferencing Software - Flexibility

Lifesize Desktop App and Web App

The Lifesize app is available as a downloadable application that you can run on your PC or Mac, but you can also make and receive calls right from your browser using the Lifesize web app. The downloadable app and web app are both built from the same standards-based source code to make use of the same features. With Lifesize, anyone can join a video call right from their browser and bypass ever having to download an application just to connect.

Support BYOD programs

Apps for PC and Mac make it easy for anyone with a computer to connect on a Lifesize video call.

No downloads required

Make and receive video calls right from your browser with the WebRTC-based Lifesize web app.

4K screen sharing

Share your screen with ultra-high definition resolution and let every presentation, spreadsheet, line of code and video shine.

Meetings encrypted by default

Every Lifesize call and every recording is encrypted by default to the highest standards — security is not optional.

Lifesize Mobile App

When you don’t have access to your computer or you’re stuck out on the road, the Lifesize mobile app makes it easy to connect to your meetings from anywhere. The Lifesize mobile app is designed for the unique needs of the mobile video conference. Features like listen-only mode and presentation zoom give mobile users an easier way to connect to a video call, while the enhanced wideband HD audio quality gives you the best possible audio experience on mobile phones.

Support BYOD programs

Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices make it easy for anyone to join a video meeting right from their phone.

Wideband HD audio

Enjoy far superior audio quality compared to a more traditional dial-in phone line.

Listen-only mode

Swipe left into listen-only mode to disable video while attending meetings on the go.

Presentation zoom

Use pinch-to-zoom on presentations to focus in on slide details and make better use of smaller screens.

A consistent experience across every device.

Our revolutionary family of video and audio meeting room systems delivers an amazing 4K in-room and hybrid work experience, while our award-winning cloud service and software provide an effortless way to connect over video, share your screen and collaborate on projects from laptops, tablets and mobile phones. No matter where you are, you always have a voice and a face at the meeting with Lifesize.

Collaboration taking place in a hybrid model with participants calling in from personal devices and meeting room solutions
Why Lifesize?

Communications that help organizations thrive.

Our intuitive, customizable cloud contact center software and video meeting solutions provide secure, scalable and delightful work experiences that help you achieve your organizational goals – whatever they may be.

  • Trusted and secure
  • Better business outcomes
  • Happier, more productive workplaces
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