Sales of Lifesize Room to Wide Range of Customers Demonstrates Strong Market Acceptance for Next Generation Videoconferencing Technology

Lifesize, the high definition video communications company, today announced that over 1000 Lifesize® Room™ systems have already been shipped to hundreds of customers around the world.  With the product released in December 2005, this achievement marks an emerging industry trend that high definition video communications is being solidly embraced by a wide range of companies as a viable means for effectively collaborating and interacting across distances.

In the past, businesses either tolerated sub-optimal videoconferencing solutions based on quality and reliability constraints or stayed completely away from them given the inability to substantiate any significant returns against their investments.  Lifesize’s innovative product suite created a paradigm shift by allowing organizations of all sizes to benefit from high definition video communications.  No longer is quality, simplicity, manageability, interoperability or cost a negating factor – now many new videoconferencing users and practical applications are emerging, thus positively impacting overall market potential.

“With the addition of Lifesize Room, House is now able to cast a wider net than ever, removing geographical boundaries.  And since time is money, anything that reduces travel makes the entire production process more efficient,” said Adam Joseph, casting and creative director for House Production & Casting.

“Lifesize Room provides participants with a realistic experience and is a critical component for making the video programs fun, engaging and rewarding,” said David Midland, executive director for National Association of Health Education Centers. 

According to analyst firm Wainhouse Research, “HD is important because it provides a significant improvement in image quality; most mainstream videoconferencing systems or product lines will support HD within 12 months; customers with HD-capable displays will want HD codecs; future versions of codec hardware will provide even more processing power making HD all the more attractive; and the bandwidth to support HD over IP will become even less and less of an issue for more and more end users.”

“We set out as a company over three years ago to fundamentally change the way people perceive videoconferencing and to deliver products that everyone will benefit from using,” said Craig Malloy, CEO of Lifesize.  “It is truly rewarding to see the sheer number of new practical applications emerging as a result of Lifesize’s high definition video communications technology.  Our customers rely on Lifesize Room to do everything from conducting museum tours and patient/physician consultations, to broadcasting interactive entertainment and auditioning acting talent.”