Leading wireless solutions provider upgrades to Lifesize HD – keeps global teams connected, reduces travel, increases productivity

Lifesize Communications, a division of Logitech (Nasdaq: LOGI) (SIX: LOGN) and a leading global provider of high definition video communications today announced that its high definition video conferencing equipment has been selected by Harris Stratex Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSTX) as the company’s global enterprise standard. Harris Stratex Networks is a leading provider of wireless solutions that enable 4G broadband to mobile network operators, public safety and government agencies, private network operators and broadcasters around the world. The Lifesize high definition video conferencing solution enables Harris Stratex to deliver natural, effortless, face-to-face communication from the desktop to the executive telepresence suite to clients in 135 countries and offices worldwide.

“In 2008, we spent $17 million on travel,” said Linda Carr, director of global IT, operations and infrastructure for Harris Stratex Networks. “In the first six months of using Lifesize, we saved $2.25 million. The Lifesize systems have virtually paid for themselves twice over.”

“We performed a detailed cost analysis, and determined that for the investment, Lifesize effectively addressed the needs of our organization, allowing us to enable 50 sites with HD video conferencing,” continued Carr. “In addition, we could do it all on our existing, newly updated network infrastructure – no waiting for the manufacturer to approve configurations and networks beforehand, which can be timely and expensive. With Lifesize, we realized our ROI in about four months.”

The need for improved communication became apparent after the merger of Stratex Networks and Harris Corporation’s Microwave Communications Division in 2007, making Harris Stratex Networks the world’s largest independent provider of wireless transmission network solutions. Both organizations previously used standard definition, legacy video conferencing systems for meetings, but these systems were outdated, difficult to operate and therefore barely used.

Now as an increasingly global organization with offices, employees and partners in nearly every major country worldwide, it became apparent that Harris Stratex Networks needed an alternative to travel – a better, more cost-effective way of connecting dispersed teams while increasing productivity and promoting face-to-face communication.

After a thorough analysis of all telepresence and video communications options on the market, Carr and her team decided that the offering from Lifesize was the solution that best met their needs.

“The key drivers for Lifesize HD video technology were the ability to interact seamlessly, cost-effectiveness, bandwidth utilization and ease-of-use for non-technical users,” said Carr.

Over 50 Lifesize HD video systems were implemented worldwide along with a Lifesize® Multipoint™ 24-port bridge, Lifesize® Multipoint Extension™ and Lifesize® Control™ management software. Additionally, four Lifesize® Conference 200™ telepresence systems were set up in key locations.

“Lifesize changed video communications from being something that people used to dislike to a very positive asset for us,” Carr said. “People enjoy using it and it’s made a big impression throughout the organization.”

Harris Stratex also realized a tremendous reduction in the company’s use of Web-based communications systems like Cisco’s WebEx solution. Prior to the Lifesize implementation, the company was spending about $35-50k per month on such applications. Utilizing Lifesize Multipoint Extension desktop video conferencing as an alternative to WebEx, Harris Stratex Networks realized dramatic savings in their monthly Web-conferencing expenses. Carr estimates that out of the company’s 2000 employees worldwide, at least 1/3 are now using Lifesize Multipoint Extension on a daily basis.

“What we’ve seen from Lifesize to date is tremendous,” Carr said. “From the telepresence systems down to the desktop, it’s just great technology. We look forward to seeing future products from Lifesize and expanding our deployment as we grow.”

“Harris Stratex Networks is at the leading edge of a revolution in communication, and Lifesize is proud to have earned their trust as a key technology provider for their global teams,” said Craig Malloy, chief executive officer of Lifesize Communications. “Progressive companies like Harris Stratex are embracing the power of HD communications to enhance their business processes and improve their bottom line.”

A complete case study detailing Harris Stratex Networks’ experience with Lifesize high definition video conferencing systems is available for download at: 

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