Myriad of New Features Bolster Ease-of-use, Enrich Collaboration and Improve Efficiency for Lifesize Cloud Users and Managers

Lifesize, a division of Logitech (NASDAQ: LOGI) (SIX: LOGN), today announced it’s closing out 2014 with the biggest wave of new capabilities for its Lifesize Cloud video conferencing services since its launch six months ago. New benefits include providing users with faster and easier access to video conference meetings with the ability to join calls via Internet Explorer.  In addition, users can create Favorites Lists for quicker access to frequently called people, and Windows users will see the addition of Chat via instant message with other Lifesize users. Other updates include increased dashboard functionality for account managers, and local dial-in telephone numbers for more than 40 countries worldwide. Additionally, account managers can now refine their ROI analysis by drilling down even further into usage specifics via the Web Console Dashboard.

“Offering Lifesize Cloud on Internet Explorer provides our users with added flexibility and efficiency.  Next year, we’ll add Safari and Firefox as well,” said Craig Malloy, chief executive officer at Lifesize.  “Moreover, customers are responding to our aggressive update schedule, and they appreciate how quickly our service is evolving and improving.  We’re going into 2015 with a positive outlook and we anticipate it will be an even bigger year for us.”

“I believe Lifesize has wisely prioritized the Lifesize Cloud solution. The constant updates, including this wave of new capabilities, shows they have truly transitioned to address the new video marketplace,” said David Maldow, founder and CEO of Let’s Do Video. “By enabling users to join meetings via Internet Explorer, Lifesize demonstrates that they are very in-tune with what their business customers (majority of Internet Explorer users) need and want for visual collaboration.”

These updates will give Lifesize users and account managers access to the following new features:

Browser-based Calls – Internet Explorer users can now participate in calls from their web browser using Windows 10 or Windows 11 in addition to Google Chrome.  Safari and Firefox will become available in 2015.
Favorites – Both Mac and Windows users can now create Favorites Lists, so they can quickly call their most frequent contacts.
Chats – Both Windows and Mac users can chat amongst each other, increasing real-time collaboration.
Enhanced Insights for Account Managers – The Web Console can now drill deeper into Lifesize usage company-wide, accessing call usage information for all users and rooms for no additional charge, allowing Lifesize users to import non-Cloud users easily, see usage dates and specific call information.
Audio Calls – Lifesize 220 Series users can now place audio calls via local PBX, using the Lifesize Phone, eliminating the need for a second audio conferencing phone in the meeting room.  
Local Telephone Access Globally – Dial-in numbers for more than 40 countries worldwide including Russia, Cyprus, and South Korea.