Leading UK charity improves ability to support over 100,000 vulnerable and disadvantaged children, young people and families by connecting dispersed teams and reducing travel costs with Lifesize

Amidst the ongoing financial challenges confronting organizations of all types, non-profits across the globe are turning to technology to help effectively distribute services and resources to those in need. For Barnardo’s, one of the UK’s leading children’s charities, HD video communications systems from Lifesize Communications are enabling smarter, more cost-effective collaboration, allowing Barnardo’s to focus even more resource on its charitable mission.

Barnardo’s relies on more than 6,500 employees and 11,000 volunteers to run over 400 projects aimed at caring for the UK’s most vulnerable young people, making personal, real-time communication a critical capability. With the cost of routine travel growing increasingly, Barnardo’s sought a communications tool that could reduce travel expenses while maintaining the experience and productivity of in-person meetings.

“Lifesize has helped Barnardo’s do what we do best – help children,” said Paul Panton, Telecommunications Manager at Barnardo’s. “Why send an email when you can talk face-to-face over video? With the Lifesize technology, everyone knows where you stand. All the staff who have used the system absolutely love it, particularly because it’s simple to use and very intuitive.”

Barnardo’s has deployed 14 Lifesize systems at its headquarters and regional/national centers, including Lifesize® Express™, Lifesize® Team MP™ and Lifesize® Room™ systems, all of which are seamlessly managed using Lifesize® Control™ management software. Since incorporating HD video communications, the organization has significantly reduced travel related to daily departmental meetings, employee interviews and training sessions. Lifesize HD video also has improved Barnardo’s collaboration with regional partners, including the British Red Cross, as well as helped it extend its global reach and influence. In June 2009, Barnardo’s partnered with The University of California, Berkley in a joint child protection initiative that connected Barnardo’s leaders with involving University students and researchers via Lifesize HD video.

Complementing the ease-of-use of the Lifesize systems, Barnardo’s promotes the consistent and effective use of its Lifesize systems through regular video conferencing clinics. These informal sessions give employees the opportunity to experience the technology for themselves, ask specific questions and become comfortable using the systems. IT staff have even personalized the home screen on all of the Lifesize units with the Barnardo’s strapline, “Believe in Children.” Taken together, these proactive measures allowed even skeptical users to quickly make the transition to video and Barnardo’s is planning to deploy more systems across its network.

“The work of the world’s non-profit organizations has the ability to change the world for the better, making it even more important for every dollar available to stretch as far as possible,” said Colin Buechler, senior vice president of Marketing at Lifesize Communications. “Especially in times of budgetary pressure, leading organizations like Barnardo’s have always turned to new, innovative solutions in order to keep moving forward and fulfill their charitable missions. This is just one example of what Lifesize envisions as the potential of HD video conferencing – the opportunity to not only save precious financial resources, but also promote world-changing ideas through better communication.”

To learn more about the experiences of Barnardo’s using Lifesize HD video solutions, read or download the case study.