Lifesize Room® Provides Higher Caliber Collaboration to Better Support Customers

Lifesize®, the high definition video communications company, today announced that CommonTime, a mobile and wireless software provider for enterprises, has implemented Lifesize® Room™ to increase the level of customer support it provides between operations in the UK and US. Lifesize Room is a high definition video communications product that delivers exceptional video and audio quality at any bandwidth, allowing geographically distributed participants to interact more effectively across distances.

CommonTime implemented their first videoconferencing system in 2000 at the UK headquarters in Derby. While the investment provided some value, limitations with the low resolution system and the network restricted CommonTime’s possible uses for video. Upon establishing a firmer presence in the US, CommonTime decided it was time to reconsider their videoconferencing needs and find a solution that delivered greater business benefits. Lifesize channel partner and videoconferencing specialist, Questmark Limited, thus introduced CommonTime to Lifesize high definition video communications.

“When Questmark demonstrated Lifesize Room, it was truly a revelation and totally changed how we viewed videoconferencing. We could not believe the quality of the video and audio, the ability to share PC based materials in their native form, and the fact that the call we were seeing between our operations in the UK and US was running on the Internet,” said Nigel Mackrill, managing director at CommonTime. “The price, the performance and the overall cost of ownership makes Lifesize Room a much more compelling and beneficial application for many more areas of our business.”

Questmark has installed several Lifesize Room systems in CommonTime’s offices in the UK and US. As a result, CommonTime is now able to hold daily operational meetings between the development and management teams in both countries to collectively review projects, discuss issues and make decisions for best supporting their customers. CommonTime has also purchased Lifesize Phone™ units for high definition audio conferencing from the offices to home workers and temporary field-based operations.

“We have been privileged to have worked with CommonTime throughout the last six years as they truly have adopted best practices for the use of videoconferencing across their organization,” said Sam McMaster, managing director of Questmark. “CommonTime is an innovator and the way they have embraced videoconferencing and embedded it within their business for both internal operations and in support of their client base will ensure they gain the many benefits that Lifesize high definition video communications delivers.”

“It is great to see companies like CommonTime get excited about high definition video communications when they realize how instrumental it can be in shaping their businesses,” said Craig Malloy, CEO of Lifesize. “We are also very pleased with Questmark’s commitment to evangelizing how Lifesize makes a significant difference in all aspects of collaboration.”

Lifesize Room, with its patent-pending industrial design and high definition technology, offers the very best price-to-performance value available on the market. By delivering better video quality at any bandwidth, Lifesize Room enables all types of businesses to benefit from a greatly enhanced user experience through more effective interactions.

About CommonTime

CommonTime is a privately owned company formed in 1994 with offices in the USA and Europe, with headquarters in Derby in the UK. The Company has approximately 60 Developer and Strategic Partner businesses in every industrialised continent, and over 120 resellers. CommonTime produces world class mobile and wireless software for enterprises. The Company has grown significantly in the last three years servicing partners such as IBM, Lotus, PalmOne, CREDANT, Certicom, Symbian, Nokia, SonyEricsson, HP, Motorola, Sprint, Orange, Cingular and Microsoft. Additionally CommonTime software is trusted and in use in many Fortune1000/FT500 businesses e.g. Daimler Chrysler, Vodafone, Rolex, BAT, Schneider, Royal Sun Alliance and more, running Lotus® Domino™. CommonTime is recognised for its innovation and as a leader in their field. This has resulted in being Lotus Beacon Awards Finalist 2003, Lotus Advisors Editor’s Choice Award Winners 2004.