Attendees Treated to Interactive Sessions Using High Definition Video Communications

Lifesize, the high definition video communications company, today announced that it has partnered with Grape Vine Market to conduct live, interactive wine and cheese tasting sessions at Interop Las Vegas 2006. By connecting over video using Lifesize Room™, a sommelier located at the specialty store in Austin, TX, will lead Interop attendees through informative and entertaining interactions at Lifesize Booth 1925 throughout the show’s three days of exhibit hours.

Grape Vine Market has perfected an onsite wine education program called Grape Vine University. This is the first time its educators will be conducting an abridged version using videoconferencing. Intended to be an entertaining Interop demonstration of Lifesize’s high definition video communications product, Lifesize Room, participants will be able to indulge their senses while receiving a first-hand experience of how high definition video can enhance their day-to-day business exchanges.

“When Lifesize approached us about partnering with them for this fun, interactive theme, we were thrilled to do so,” said Ann Gray, communications director at Grape Vine Market. “It is amazing to see how clear and true-to-life everything looks over the Lifesize high definition video communications system. We are glad to be participating and having the opportunity to educate Interop attendees about wine and cheese, as well as let them know about all the fabulous things Grape Vine Market has to offer.”

Lifesize Room is the first high definition video communications product of its kind and provides better quality at any bandwidth. For a comparable price range to that of traditional, low resolution videoconferencing systems, Lifesize Room offers nearly ten times the video quality improvement and twice the audio coverage over other solutions, resulting in a greatly enhanced user experience.

“We enjoy introducing people to innovative video communications concepts and the interactive tasting sessions are a great way to showcase the value of high definition technology in an entertaining, yet informative, manner,” said Craig Malloy, CEO of Lifesize. “Based on our Interop theme of ‘Get a taste of high definition’ we hope attendees to our booth have a good time and leave with a better sense of how high definition video communications can make a difference in their everyday environments.”

The live, interactive wine and cheesing tasting sessions will take place every 45 minutes throughout Interop’s exhibit hours from May 2 to May 4, 2006 at Lifesize Booth 1925, lasting approximately 15 minutes each. All participants will receive a complimentary wine and cheese tasting, a wine bottle opener and, upon successfully completing the session, a souvenir chocolate truffle from SXUL Chocolate ( and a Grape Vine University diploma. Space is limited so Interop attendees are encouraged to reserve a tasting session slot at the Lifesize registration desk located at Booth 1925.

About Grape Vine Market

Grape Vine Market was the brainchild of three wine aficionados: Chuck Huffaker, Steve Savina and Bob Thomajan. Their love of great wine, food, spirits and beer was the driving force behind building their dream store. On May 26th, 1999, the store opened with a core philosophy that gastronomic decadence should be overly available and easily accessible to everyone. This core philosophy built a store where selection, service, education, atmosphere and people are paramount. Additional information can be found at or by calling 512.323.5900.