Children Education Series Grossology LIVE Creates Stimulating Learning Experience through High Definition Video Communications

Lifesize, the high definition video communications company, today announced that Lifesize® Room™ is being used as the interactive video solution for the Grossology LIVE program series to provide children distant edutainment in multiple U.S. cities. Lifesize Room is a high definition video communications product that delivers crystal clear video and high fidelity audio, allowing participants – no matter where they are located – to realize a stimulating, true-to-life experience.

Based on the bestselling series of children’s books by Sylvia Branzei and the blockbuster science exhibition by the same name, these live interactive video experiences examine the “impolite” science of the human body. Through Lifesize high definition video communications technology, audiences at participating health and science centers connect with a cast of interesting characters at the Grossology LIVE studios for interactive entertainment and fun learning opportunities. Wacky instructors referred to as “Grossologists” include Snotty Scotty, Marty Farty, Chef Boy-R-DooDoo and Ivana Pop-Zit. The series is produced by National Association of Health Education Centers (NAHEC) and IDSolutions, and funded by the National Science Foundation.

“We are very excited to produce the Grossology LIVE interactive series since it creates a proactive role in educating our nation’s children on science through an informal, entertaining setting,” said David Midland, executive director, NAHEC. “Lifesize Room provides participants with a realistic experience and is a critical component for making the video programs fun, engaging and rewarding.”

“As a Lifesize channel partner and a producer of the Grossology LIVE series, we are very pleased to provide both children and adults with a stimulating way to learn something that can affect their very health,” said Tim Barshinger, director of educational programming, IDSolutions. “Since these programs are designed for a general public audience, we especially want to see if Grossology LIVE will increase overall interest in science, which might have even further implications for how high definition video communications can positively impact our daily lives.”

Lifesize Room is the first high definition video communications product of its kind. For a comparable price range to that of traditional, low-resolution videoconferencing systems, Lifesize Room allows remote and dispersed participants to interact more clearly and effectively. Lifesize high definition technology offers nearly ten times the video quality improvement and twice the audio coverage over other solutions, which allows unique applications like Grossology LIVE to be possible.

“Lifesize products are intended to make the user experience more life-like and enjoyable, as well as more productive,” said Craig Malloy, CEO of Lifesize. “Grossology LIVE is a perfect example of the types of applications that are emerging as companies and organizations become aware of the tremendous value they can realize from using high definition video communications.”

Centers currently hosting Grossology LIVE interactive video programs are located at the Columbus Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH; HealthWorks! Kids’ Museum in South Bend, IN; Health World Children’s Museum in Barrington, IL; Children’s Health Education Center in Milwaukee, WI; and Adventure Science Center in Nashville, TN. More locations around the country will participate as additional grant funding is received.

About National Association of Health Education Centers (NAHEC)

NAHEC is the national association and network of nonprofit health education centers (HECs) and of other organizations that support children’s health education and provide products and services to HECs. NAHEC member centers reached over 3 million children, teachers, and parents in 2005. HECs use life-size exhibits, advanced audio-visual technology, and specialized, interactive instructional techniques not generally found in conventional classrooms. For more information about NAHEC, please visit

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