Lifesize High Definition Video Communications Lets Coast-to-Coast Entertainment Industry Attendees Interact and Share Party Experience Between Locations

Lifesize, the high definition video communications company, today announced that House Production & Casting in New York City and Exclusive Casting Studios in Los Angeles will connect simultaneous events on Thursday, November 9, 2006 using Lifesize® Room™. Attending directors, producers, actors and models will be able to interact with each other coast-to-coast as if they were in the same location while actually being thousands of miles apart. Lifesize Room is a high definition video communications product that delivers exceptional video and audio quality at any bandwidth, allowing geographically distributed participants to interact more effectively across distances.

House and Exclusive are casting firms that work with award winning directors, production companies and advertising agencies. Both studios have been utilizing Lifesize Room to more effectively audition actors and models between the two facilities in New York City and Los Angeles. Rather than directors having to travel cross country to evaluate candidates – thereby losing valuable time and expending costly resources – they are able to confidently meet with prospective talent over video and immediately determine if someone is well suited for a particular production or commercial.

“Ever since we started using Lifesize high definition video communications between New York and Los Angeles, we thought it would be great to host and connect simultaneous events so guests could have a very unique party experience,” said Adam Joseph, casting and creative director for House Production & Casting. “Our clients that have been leveraging Lifesize Room to source remote talent have been amazed with the results. We look forward to our bi-coastal party guests having similar reactions as they share conversations and interactions over video just like they would in person.”

Party-goers will be treated to an evening of entertainment where over 400 guests between both venues can meet and mingle with industry colleagues and contacts on opposite coasts through Lifesize high definition video projected on giant HD displays. Even music will be a shared experience via Lifesize high definition audio – all elements performing in concert to simulate one extended party environment rather than two separate events.

“House Production & Casting and Exclusive Casting are representative of the new genre of video communications users,” said Craig Malloy, CEO of Lifesize. “Connecting simultaneous events between remote locations with legacy video conferencing systems would never have created a true-to-life experience. Only through Lifesize high definition video communications can such a concept actually be realized and truly enjoyed.”

Lifesize Room, with its patent-pending industrial design and high definition technology, offers the very best price-to-performance value available on the market. By delivering better video quality at any bandwidth, Lifesize Room opens the possibility for new applications to emerge and all types of users to benefit from more effective interactions.

In addition to the Lifesize Room systems being utilized for the event, Lifesize technology partner Masergy contributed Internet connection services and support in each location.

About House Production & Casting and Exclusive Casting Studios

House Production & Casting in New York City and Exclusive Casting Studios in Los Angeles provide casting for the commercial, television, film and print industries. For more information, visit House at or call 1.212.929.0200, and visit Exclusive at or call 1.323.969.8200.