Industry’s First-Available Full HD: Standards-Based 1080p30, 720p60; New Management and Infrastructure Products Simplify Enterprise Deployment

Lifesize Communications, the global leader in high definition video communications, today unveiled the next generation in high definition video communications and telepresence: Full HD, standards-based1080p at 30 frames per second and 720p at 60 frames per second for the most rich, immersive video communications experience available today. Lifesize® Room 200™, the first Full HD video communications solution and Lifesize® Conference 200™, the first Full HD telepresence solution, integrate breakthrough technology to deliver a superior experience with unprecedented bandwidth flexibility and unmatched price performance.

Lifesize also announced the all-new Lifesize® Team 200™, a feature-rich HD communications system for less than half the cost of comparable systems. In addition Lifesize announced a number of significant infrastructure and software capabilities that expand interoperability and enable video as a critical extension to enterprise communications.

“We have deployed Lifesize across our enterprise, from meeting rooms and conference rooms to executive residences, allowing instant face-to-face collaboration,” said Harry Moseley, CIO, The Blackstone Group. “We’re excited about this new generation of products. HD quality transformed video from an underused technology to a key part of our culture, and Lifesize Room 200 will offer an even better experience and greater value to our firm.”

“Lifesize has taken HD to the next level with Lifesize Room 200, the industry’s first shipping 1080p30/720p60 Full HD offering. Room 200 is a significant accomplishment, delivering Full HD, dual screens and packed with features for less than $17,000,” said Roopam Jain, Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “With Room 200, Lifesize has once again set the bar for video quality, useful standard features, and remarkable price-performance.”

Lifesize Room 200 – Full HD Video, Unmatched Price Performance

Lifesize Room 200 delivers stunning 1080p30 and 720p60 resolution for the most realistic communication experience possible. Lifesize Room 200 also supports 720p30 dual streams enabling full-motion, high definition data sharing.

A breakthrough in bandwidth efficiency, Lifesize Room 200 delivers 1080p30 at 1.7Mbps, 720p60 at 1.1Mbps and 720p30 video at only 768 kbps enabling a telepresence experience to be broadly deployed across all organizations. Providing twice the frame rate and half the latency of other HD systems, Lifesize Room 200 delivers a communications experience rivaled only by being there in person.

Lifesize Room 200 includes as standard:

  • Built-in HD multipoint control unit with transcoding, allowing as many as 6 participants to be in a call at one time – a feature until now only available in expensive standalone bridges
  • Full motion, standards-based data sharing, allowing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, video and other digital information to be shared in full motion, high definition
  • Multiple camera inputs for greater deployment flexibility
  • Dual monitor support enabling a wide range of video and data presentation options.

Superior Architecture Delivers Innovation Advantage

The Lifesize Room 200 is built on a next-generation Full HD video architecture. This efficient, high performance design optimizes every element of the system, from the HD camera to the video, audio and networking systems within the compact, sleek unit that is less than half the size of comparable solutions. This “glass-to-glass” technology advantage delivers superior quality of experience, unique flexibility and unmatched price performance.

Lifesize Conference 200 – Extending Telepresence Beyond the Boardroom

Lifesize Conference 200 is the first Full HD telepresence solution that can be tailored to the customer environment. With 1080p30 and 720p60 resolution, life-size images and HD audio, Lifesize Conference 200 delivers an immersive experience as real as physically being in the same room. At a fraction of the cost and bandwidth required by other telepresence systems, Lifesize Conference 200 provides the superior telepresence solution which can be optimized to fit exact customer requirements, budgets, and room environments.

“Reliance Industries thinks, behaves, lives and thrives with a global mindset. We wanted our telepresence rooms to reflect our spirit of personal relationships with employees, partners and customers,” said Jyotindra Thacker, President, Reliance Industries Limited. “After reviewing numerous vendors’ offerings, Lifesize produced a far superior face-to-face experience, along with a more flexible solution, that could be incorporated into our existing space without compromising on our style. Only Lifesize Conference allowed us to deliver telepresence on our terms.”

Lifesize Team 200 – Delivering Flexible, Powerful HD anywhere

The all-new Lifesize Team 200 delivers unprecedented value in HD video communications for workgroup conferencing. This feature-rich system delivers dual-monitor HD video, digital I/O and an enhanced embedded multipoint control unit for less than half the cost of comparable systems. Lifesize Team 200 delivers True HD – 720p30 video – using only 1Mbps, making it easy for customers to widely deploy within their existing networks.

Interoperability and Enhanced Infrastructure

Lifesize also announced advanced interoperability with leading IP-PBX systems including Microsoft OCS, Cisco Call Manager, Siemens HiPath and ShoreTel Shoreware. Lifesize will also support call scheduling through Microsoft Outlook, greatly increasing the flexibility companies have to integrate video communications into their enterprise environment.

Enhanced infrastructure products include Lifesize® Networker™ ISDN to IP gateway and Lifesize® Transit™, one of the first SIP and H.460 all-in-one, secure firewall/NAT traversal solutions. Also announced is Lifesize® Multipoint™, 12- and 24-port high definition Multipoint Control Units. Lifesize® Multipoint Extension™ software delivers important new functionality to Lifesize Multipoint users, allowing any person with a laptop, webcam, and network connection to seamlessly participate in any video conference, viewing in True HD. Lifesize Multipoint Extension also allows video call recording, Microsoft Outlook Integration, web scheduling and webcasting.

Lifesize now offers not only the best video experience, but delivers that experience through an enterprise-class set of management products that can operate seamlessly in the most sophisticated IT environments.

“Now more than ever in today’s economic climate customers are viewing high definition video as a critical lever to help them stay competitive, bridge their globally dispersed work groups, and reduce expenses, “ said Craig Malloy, CEO and founder, Lifesize Communications. “Thousands of companies each quarter have found that solution with Lifesize. With our latest products, we have once again raised the bar in quality while driving price performance to new levels, unlocking the power of telepresence for knowledge workers everywhere.”