Lifesize Now Shipping Industry’s First Sub-$6,000 Video Communications System to Support Dual Display Video and Content in High Definition

Lifesize Communications, the global leader in high definition video communications, today unveiled Lifesize® Express™ 200, the industry’s first HD video communications system to support dual display video and content for under $6,000. Lifesize Express 200 makes essential HD video communications even more practical and affordable, enabling any size organization to realize the benefits of video communications.

“Organizations are turning to video communications in this economic climate and are seeking affordable HD video solutions,” said Andrew W. Davis, Sr. Analyst and Partner at Wainhouse Research. “The new Lifesize Express 200 delivers what customers want: an authentic communication experience priced for broad deployment. Not only does it enable existing video users to expand their deployments, it invites new customers to implement video communications. The Express 200 will be a catalyst for the continued adoption of HD video communications.”

An affordable solution that can be deployed anywhere in the organization, Lifesize Express 200 gives project teams, partners and colleagues the ability to collaborate with full-screen HD video communication, as well as full-screen HD content sharing. With more flexibility than ever before, Lifesize Express 200 empowers more users to meet face-to-face while working together on a wide range of applications: doctors can simultaneously share medical images in High Definition with patients or colleagues; teachers can reach more students across the world in HD; businesses can deploy HD video communications around the world to connect satellite offices, home office workers and headquarters for immersive collaboration.

“Lifesize set the price performance benchmark for HD video communications in 2007 with our award-winning Lifesize Express,” said Craig Malloy, CEO and founder, Lifesize Communications. “Yet to be equaled, Lifesize has again set new standards with the Express 200. At 2x the price-performance of comparable systems, Lifesize Express 200 offers customers an extremely low barrier to realizing a return on their investment, making it easier than ever to justify video as a path to improved collaboration and productivity, less travel, and reduced environmental impact.”

High Definition communications anywhere

The Lifesize Express 200 provides a superior quality of experience with 720p video at 30 frames per second for natural, face-to-face interaction, and the ability to receive 720p video at 60 frames per second. Data and content, such as documents, video or still images, or presentations, can be easily shared in real-time with 1280×768 HD resolution.

Unlike competitors’ solutions, Lifesize Express 200 delivers true HD video quality that is also practical: True HD video and content can be delivered at just 1Mbps enabling HD video on any network, anywhere. Lifesize Express 200 also supports more than 50 resolutions, ensuring the best quality at any bandwidth and unmatched interoperability. Priced at less than 50% of comparable systems, Lifesize Express 200 includes all product features in the price with no hidden costs.

Lifesize software enhancements

Lifesize also announced Lifesize software release 4.1, delivering enhancements to the Lifesize product line including:

  • 720p60 decode support now on Lifesize® Team 200™ and Express 200™ enables 60 frames per second video to be received at 1280x720p, as well as all supported resolutions, for premium video and motion handling.
  • 4-way call with presentation on Lifesize® Room™ and Lifesize® Team MP™ gives the user more options for screen layout in a multipoint call.
  • Improvements for SIP-based calls, including dual video support, support for SDES key exchange in secure calls, and enhanced presence integration with Microsoft OCS.
  • Increased administrator controls including local directory management allowing system administrators to maintain greater control over directory settings and permissions.

“We continue to deliver against our product model of superior quality first – all high definition, life size, immersive video and audio – coupled with unique flexibility to enable the HD experience anywhere,” said Casey King, CTO, Lifesize Communications. “Lifesize develops only HD video solutions. We’re responsible for the entire solution, from the cameras and image processing technology to the audio processing technology that combine to deliver brilliant images and excellent audio quality. We’ve focused from the start to design a superior architecture, which is why we can continue to deliver to customers an unparalleled HD experience at an affordable price.”

Pricing and Availability

Lifesize Express 200 is now shipping in two models: Lifesize Express 200 with Focus™ (Fixed focus camera with built-in microphone) $5,999 (US MSRP); Lifesize Express 200 with PTZ™ (Pan Tilt Zoom camera with mic pod), $6,999 (US MSRP).

Lifesize software 4.1 is available in May 2009 for download by all Lifesize customers with a current Lifesize maintenance agreement.

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