Innovative combination of technologies and services driven by AI will evolve the call center, reduce costs and improve overall customer experience

Lifesize, a global innovator of immersive enterprise communication solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Omilia, a global provider of conversational artificial intelligence solutions. The new partnership and integration will increase automation opportunities for organizations using the Lifesize CxEngage cloud contact center platform, resulting in improved omnichannel customer experiences while unlocking significant cost savings for contact center leaders.

According to ContactBabel, 65 percent of inbound contact center interactions are still conducted via telephone with a live agent, while only 10.1 percent have been successfully shifted to self-service over the phone. Most large enterprise contact centers receive between 50 million and 100 million calls per year. Since the onset of the global pandemic, organizations have experienced a rise in inbound call volumes and have struggled to respond to the increase in customer service demand.

“At Lifesize, we recognize that quality customer service often begins and ends with the contact center, and is heavily informed by the first customer interaction with a brand,” said Andy Bird, director of product management for contact center solutions at Lifesize. “In Omilia, we’re pleased to have a true partner with the innovative technology to ensure those first interactions are positive building blocks towards the overall customer experience and a more defensible bottom line.”

“Our partnership with Lifesize speaks to our commitment to make advanced conversational AI technology more accessible,” said Dimitris Vassos, CEO of Omilia. “Companies using the Lifesize CxEngage cloud platform can now provide a customer service experience that makes it easy to engage with a virtual agent while significantly reducing costs. A combination of our unique natural language understanding capabilities, state-of-the-art speech recognition engine and omnichannel dialogue management platform is advancing our industry, and we are proud to bring the value of our solutions to Lifesize customers.”

Misrouted calls and transferring customers back and forth between call center agents can cost companies up to $2 million annually. When paired with Omilia’s conversational AI capabilities, contact centers on the CxEngage platform will be able to more quickly gauge inbound customers’ needs and route calls to appropriately skilled human agents. Efficient handling of inbound customer calls will significantly improve customer experience and decrease the number of misrouted calls, thus contributing to cost savings.

Omilia offers an AI-powered virtual assistant that focuses on customer care tasks, maximizing automation and self-service, and routing customers to the proper customer service agent in the most natural, efficient way possible. These automated customer interactions are brought to life across interactive voice response (IVR), web chatbots, social media and messaging platforms.

Omilia’s AI-powered natural language understanding is localized to 24 languages and can be customized across different industries including financial services, insurance, healthcare, utilities, travel, retail and food service. Through the partnership, Omilia’s voice biometrics can also be deployed to authenticate caller identity based on voice patterns within the IVR system, which provides a more seamless call experience, eliminates fraud and reduces time spent on the phone.

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[1] “The Inner Circle Guide to AI-Enabled Self-Service (US Edition).” ContactBabel, 2020.

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