Medical supply company uses video to meet face-to-face with customers and vendors, defines product lines virtually with Lifesize

In the midst of the global economic downturn, small and mid-sized businesses are under as much pressure as large enterprises to reduce bottom-line expenses. However, the latest SMB Online Experience research from Compass Intelligence found that 42 percent of small business IT buyers surveyed in March expect to keep their information and communications technology spending unchanged in 2009, while another 20 percent expect their spending to increase. For Medisave, a small medical supply enterprise, HD video communications systems from Lifesize Communications have been the key to helping the company to optimize efficiency during this economic climate.

With a combined total of just under 40 employees in its US and UK offices, Medisave relies on a broad affiliate network to serve hospitals, clinics and physicians surgeries and medical practices throughout the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, as well as Australia and New Zealand. With such a wide and varied demographic, Personal connections are critical to Medisave’s ability to deliver quality customer service and continue its global expansion, but the cost of international travel was unsustainable. After deploying Lifesize® Express™ systems in its UK and US office, Medisave eliminated much of its costly travel, while maintaining the ability to communicate with dispersed teams on a daily basis with the feel and productivity of in-person meetings.

“Being a small global company, I can’t jump on a plane every time I have an important meeting — that just doesn’t scale,” said Graham Wright, Founder and Managing Partner for Medisave. “Now that we’re using Lifesize, I never feel like I miss anything because I’m face-to-face with my teams every single day. And because Lifesize is so reasonably-priced, it was easy for us to justify the ROI – even more so when we include the unplanned meetings. If a supplier drops by the UK office and I’m in Connecticut, I’m able to meet with them in real-time and discuss new strategies and products on the fly, at times resulting in large orders.”

In addition to maintaining consistent communication with staff, partners and customers, HD video communications has proven a useful tool to the expansion of Medisave’s product catalogue and ability to serve new markets. As a product-based company offering more than 6000 medical product lines sold online and through its catalogue, visual communication is an important component to worldwide personnel training and ensuring that customer services meets Medisave’s high expectations.

“Many meetings will center on a specific product or a certain manufacturer’s line of products,” Wright said. “Being able to have multiple teams viewing the same product at the same time, in rich high definition, has been an added benefit.”

“Competition in today’s economic climate has challenged small and medium businesses to innovate in order to grow and flourish. They are looking for solutions that make sense for their needs and their budgets,” said Colin Buechler, senior vice president of Marketing at Lifesize Communications. “Medisave is a great example of how forward-thinking businesses are leveling the playing field through HD video technology.”