Creates New Organization to Focus on Serving U.S. Federal and State & Local Requirements

Lifesize Communications, the high definition video communications company, today announced the creation of a new organization that will focus exclusively on addressing the growing demand for high definition video among public sector organizations. Lifesize high definition video collaboration solutions offer superior price/performance, ease of use and stunning graphics quality even over low bandwidth connections, making them ideal for public sector applications.

“Across all of our markets, we are experiencing tremendous demand for our solutions,” commented Adam Taylor, executive vice president, worldwide sales and customer service for Lifesize Communications. “The public sector in particular, is excited about the arrival of true high definition video over the Internet for collaborative communications integrating video, voice & data. Once people experience the richness of the Lifesize solution and compare it to what they’ve used in the past, they immediately realize its potential for transforming their organizations.”

The public sector (federal agencies and state & local governments) are similar to commercial entities in their need for high-quality solutions, but different in other ways. They evaluate and procure products differently and their purchase and post-sales requirements are different versus standard commercial enterprises. Servicing this market using tools and methods that specifically address their needs is a cornerstone of Lifesize’s growth strategy.

Elements of the Lifesize strategy include:

  • Executing GSA pricing & other methodologies that make Lifesize products easy for public sector organizations to evaluate and purchase;
  • Posting Lifesize products on E-Rate’s online Eligible Products Database to address the requirements of schools and libraries;
  • Enabling channel partners who have spent many years developing expertise and broad coverage within these vertical markets (i.e. federal and state & local VARs, as well as education specialists);
  • Partnering with other manufacturers whose products are complementary to Lifesize to provide end-to-end solutions to our customers;
  • The creation of a new Lifesize organization led by industry veteran Roy Brown to focus on public sector markets.

“Our company is experiencing explosive growth, indicating that the broad market clearly realizes the value of high-definition video communications technology versus legacy conferencing systems,” commented Craig Malloy, CEO of Lifesize Communications. “U.S. federal and state & local organizations have the same need for high quality solutions even over limited bandwidth. Focusing on the needs of these markets just makes sense.”