Companies of all sizes embracing high definition video communications

Lifesize Communications, the global leader in high definition video communications, announced record revenue for both the fourth quarter and 2007. Revenue growth accelerated throughout the year and annual sales revenue nearly tripled year-over-year. Sales of all products in all regions were strong, with the newly-introduced Lifesize® Express™ creating excitement and generating high interest in the company’s products.

“2007 was a great year for Lifesize and we are looking forward to a great 2008,” said Craig Malloy, CEO and founder, Lifesize Communications. “We are pleased with our industry-leading growth and proud that our world-class products are making telepresence accessible to everyone.”

Lifesize experienced strong growth across all geographies and market segments. Larger companies are leveraging Lifesize price/performance advantages to upgrade their video networks to HD, expand deployment throughout their organization, and deliver within tight IT budgets. The company also enjoyed strong growth in the global small and medium business segment, where Lifesize Express is breaking down traditional barriers to video communication.

“Lifesize Express unlocks customer opportunities that nobody knew existed,” said Craig Malloy, CEO and founder, Lifesize Communications. “Customers love everything about it – the small form factor, the great value, the simple interface and the beautiful high definition it delivers. Lifesize Express changes perceptions of what is possible with video technology. When customers see it, they realize that there is no reason to ever buy a standard definition system again.”

Announced and shipping worldwide on October 23, 2007, Lifesize Express was hailed by Andrew W. Davis of Wainhouse Research as “…not just a major milestone in the company’s history, but also the most significant product announcement in the videoconferencing industry in the past decade.” About the size of a wireless router, Lifesize Express offers telepresence quality HD video for under $6,000.

“We had a very busy 2007. We strengthened organizations internally, as well as our network of authorized channel partners. In 2007, we also got the attention of some very big players in the IT distribution space, adding Tech Data in the U.S., Westan in Australia and ZTE in China. In general, we’ve greatly expanded our market reach and are positioned for another strong performance in 2008,” said Adam Taylor, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Service for Lifesize. “Most gratifying is the accelerated demand we’ve seen for our solutions, both by end users who want to deploy them, and by channel partners who want to build a business around them. It’s an exciting time for Lifesize”!

“We are only at the beginning of a revolution in the way we live and work,” said Malloy. “Lifesize is committed to enabling everyone to be a part of this revolution.”

“We bring doctors and caregivers together to develop treatment plans. Actors audition for parts in New York without leaving Los Angeles. Scientists collaborate across continents. Seeing our products improve people’s lives just motivates us to keep delivering greater value to our customers.”